TNA Wrestling No Surrender Predictions and Analysis

This Sunday night is TNA Wrestling’s last PPV before Bound for Glory, No Surrender. These are my predictions and analysis on this card.

TNA Champion Austin Aries vs. “Arm Breaker” of Aces & 8s in a fight.

Austin Aries is a great wrestler, but am I the only one who thinks this title run so far has been awful? I do not blame Austin as much as I blame Dixie and creative. In the last year or so, Dixie has been more involved in the internet aspect of her company’s visibility, and seen all the negative she has been getting about not pulling the trigger on people who the fans want to see champion. So, she in a desperate attempt to satisfy the online haters gave the strap to Aries. And Austin, since he has held the title has come across as a wanna be more than a should be. The Aces group is the latest in TNA factions that come and go each year. The build has been what TNA excels at; they can build a house out of water if you gave them the chance, the fail to TNA is the payoff and continued storyline after the build. There are no number one contenders to Aries to defend the title? This match just seems sort of dumb for a world champ to fight an unknown entity. WWE is offering Cena vs Punk for the title next week, TNA is offering Aries not defending the title against a mystery person.

Prediction-Aries to win, and then get jumped by the group

-James Storm vs. Bully Ray in a Bound For Glory Series semifinal match.

If any match on the card is a total mystery as to what can happen, it would be this match. Bully Ray is rumored to be going back to WWE. And Devon quitting the company last week, and seen online wearing a WWE t shirt on twitter opens the rumor mill as to Bully Ray and how much longer he sticks around. James Storm is a weird wrestler to me. I understand what he brings to the company, but when they go outside of Orlando and the Impact Zone does anyone want to see James Storm headline a show? Lockdown was proof that people are not really caring about a Storm vs. Roode match as much as people think. When Shane Douglas and ROH can pull triple to four times the crowd that one of your most popular PPV’s does, it may be time to rethink what you are giving to the fans. And, that night at Lockdown with that dismal gate and all those empty seats after you gave the world the main event you thought they wanted to see and you know the PPV numbers have to be in the gutter that is why TNA won’t release the numbers. I think this match has the talent to really be a sleeper match, but a winner is hard to pick. So I will think about who Jeff Hardy will beat and get a loud reaction.

Prediction-Bully Ray gets some cheap victory.

-Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe in a Bound For Glory Series semifinal match.

If this card had no other selling point, this match is that match that I have to see. I know they did a tv match before, but I want to see what they can do with a longer time and the PPV feel. I think this match will be the match to beat on the card. Samoa Joe to me has had the weirdest career in TNA. His first two years were awesome, and he was their biggest and hottest star. I think the lack of the world title at first and the Angle feud, was more hurtful to him, then helpful. They gave him the title, a year after the fans wanted him to have it, and his title run seemed like a joke. The negatives for Joe just kept on building and he became a joke that no one knew if he was a heel or face, it was like a change of character each week. The Aries match at Destination X put Joe back on the map. He found his fire and even though he lost, the match really made him look like a contender and threat again. Hardy is the golden goose for TNA; you have to know he sells more merch than the whole roster combined. Talk about a missed opportunity, you have Jeff Hardy and you cannot draw numbers and fans into your product? There is no way you can do a Bound for Glory and not have Hardy main event. That is wrestling 101, you have main event talent, you have to let them main event. Though, I would really love to see me proven wrong and Joe winning, but Hardy can get the Arizona crowd to come out.

Prediction-Jeff Hardy wins, in a match that Mike Tenay and Tazz will go on and on about all night long.

-Bound For Glory Series Finals (winners of semifinals matches meet).

I will say right now it will be Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy. Like I said, you cannot do a major PPV and not have your major name headline it.

Prediction-Jeff Hardy wins and challenges Austin Aries at Bound for Glory

-Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs. A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle for the TNA Tag Titles.

We have had this match so many times in so many different versions. I know this will be a great wrestling match; the four involved never fail to deliver. I just wish TNA had a deeper tag team talent pool. They lost Motor City Machineguns, broke up Beer Money, and Joe and Magnus were really a great team that should have been together so much longer. If Angle and Styles wins, you know Aces and 8’s will have a team to challenge them next month. I just do not see why to keep the straps on Daniels and Frankie anymore.

Prediction-Styles and Angle new champs

-Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara for the TNA Knockouts Title.

I like Brooke, I think she is a great champ and really brings something to that belt. But, let’s be serious she is not better than Gail Kim, Mickie James or Tara. Why one of those women is not champ right now really shocks me. Next month is your big show; you have to put the belt on Gail Kim somehow. We need Kim vs Mickie James. Esp. since Mickie is not going to resign with the company come December when her contract expires. As far as this match goes, this division has lost Winter, The Beautiful People, and Roxxi, so does anyone care if Brooke or Tara wins?

Prediction-Brooke retains the belt

-Zema Ion vs. Sonjay Dutt for the X Division Title.

You got Kenny King to jump ship on ROH to come to your brand, with him still being a champion and you do not include him in this PPV? You lost Scorpio Sky aka Mason Andrews to WWE. (He is Harold in the Kane/Daniel Bryan skits) I like Sonjay and think that Dutt can carry Zema to a great match. But, we saw Dutt in the X division how many times now? I would have loved to see TNA really step up and give him a push for the tv title or to face Aries. I think Dutt has that underground buzz and internet love that really want so much more from him in this TNA run. Sadly I think TNA will fuck this up just like they did to Nigel, and every other talent that fans got behind.

Prediction-Zema Ion retains via spray can.

-Magnus vs. Rob Van Dam.

The RVD character sadly has run its course. The prediction of a RVD heel turn does not even interest me at this point. The character has not evolved since 1997. Now, they are playing him to be an aged joke. I think Magnus has a shit load of potential. Like Matt Morgan a few years ago, I think he just needs that breakthrough match to put him on the map. Will this be it, fuck no. RVD has become Raven 2012; he just seems to coast by and thinks his past is good enough to guarantee him main events. I would love this match to really be an end of this version of the RVD character, and maybe repackage a more modern 2012 style and maybe update his arsenal of moves.

Prediction-Magnus wins when RVD does that silly thumb point to stroke his ego.

In closing, I am really shocked that half of your higher priced talent is off this card. No Aries title defense makes me think they are gearing some dream match to main event next month, like Hardy vs Aries. Is this show worth 45.00 dollars? There are two matches on here that can potentially steal the show, but I hate the Impact Zone PPV’s, but know that Dixie is scared to a live PPV outside of it in fear of the empty seats. Bound for Glory is next month, and that show has to be stacked. So, I would say save the money and see BFG for 11.00 at the movie theater next month with a crowd. I truly wonder how many wrestling fans know this show is going to this weekend or cares?