New SMILEY Trailer

SMILEYIndie slasher film (and one that looks pretty good) SMILEY is nearing its October 11th (VOD release) & 12th (limited AMC theatrical release) release, but until that time, check out the trailer below.

SMILEY (2012)
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Starring: Caitlin Gerard, Melanie Papalia, Shane Dawson, Andrew James Allen, Roger Bart, Liza Weil, Keith David, Michael Traynor, Toby Turner, Jana Winternitz, DeStorm Power, Patrick O’Sullivan, Billy St.John, Steve Greene, Richard Ryan, Nikki Limo, Bree Essrig, Jason Horton, Elizabeth Greer.

Directed by Michael Gallagher
Written by Glasgow Phillips & Michael Gallagher
Produced by Michael Wormser

SYNOPSIS: After learning of an urban legend in which a demented serial killer named SMILEY can be summoned through the Internet, mentally fragile Ashley must decide whether she is losing her mind or becoming Smiley’s next victim.