Music Review-WHYZDOM-Blind?

1. The Lighthouse (5:53)
2. Dancing With Lucifer (5:50)
3. Cassandra’s Mirror (6:29)
4. On the Road to Babylon (7:50)
5. Paper Princess (6:27)
6. The Spider (6:06)
7. The Wolves (7:34)
8. Venom And Frustration (7:26)
9. Lonely Roads (5:04)
10. The Foreseer (5:49)
11. Cathedral of the Damned (10:27)

– Elvyne Lorient / Vocals
РR̩gis Morin / Guitars
– Vynce Leff / Guitars, Orchestration
– Xavier Corrientes / Bass
– Marc Ruhlmann / Keyboards
– Nico Chaumeaux / Drums

Available October 30th from Scarlet Records

Review-Blind? Is the cd of a band that has a lot to prove. In 2008, this band was set for greatness, before the release of their official first cd, the French band was hailed as one of the best new bands by magazines and their then lead singer got a lot of attention with what her vocals brought to their Prog metal sound. In 2010, the lead singer split and the band were faced with a future of uncertainty. Talk about a band that hit its high and low so fast.

Now armed with new singer Elvyne Lorient they are out to prove that their debut cd From the Brink of Infinity was no fluke, and that they could capture that magic again. And quite simply, they did and then some. They have managed with this cd to take the listener on a journey that felt a classical orchestra, with choir symphonies and powerful riffs that seemed like inspired by the turn of the century more than today’s scene. At times, almost reminiscent of bands like Within Temptation, Epica and Nightwish. This cd sounds like a band that has something to prove badly and taking their Prog sound and trying to make it unique in their own way. On the Road to Babylon was the shock, as Elvyne showcased in early tracks she has an operatic poetic soothing tone to her vocals, with this song she shows she can hang with the metal goddesses.

Paper Princess comes across like a song you would expect to hear in a fairy tale, the piano with the vocals just sounds like a love letter to the people who listen to this cd, that there is a lot of talent behind the microphone. The Spider is another one of those songs that sounds like it has 50,000 things going on at once, and the band pulls each one off perfectly. Another song that is heavy edged with the guitar and vocals, the orchestra-like background feel to this song really work well with her vocals.

What Vynce was able to create with the orchestral arrangements is mindblowing, each song has something to keep the listener happy and interested. Whyzdom has made a cd that is just amazing, and makes their debut cd look like an afterthought. If you are a fan of symphonic female led metal bands, this cd is going to blow you away. What a comeback cd from a band that I thought gave us their best cd with their debut, this is a band that I just feel with each cd will be getting better and better.

8.5 out of 10