Music Review-The See-Pretending and Ending

Track Listing:

3.Bring It Back
4.Enjoy Youth
5.Head Like A Stone
7.Old Souls
9.In Hindsight
11.Getting Older
12.I Missed It
13.Lines And Miles
14.THe Good Fight

Review-Bands like The See seem to be popping up everywhere these days. You know the band that thinks it has the pop rock anthems that will get fans to cheer them on, and buy their music. Being a music fan, these bands are like a dime a dozen and while each one has so much you sort of are into, they really give you more of someone else’s identity more than a band that seems like it is trying to get itself over and established on its own merit. It does not make this cd good or bad, it just makes it familiar to the point of nausea. That you know how each song will start, get to the catchy beat and chorus to the safe closing to set up the next song. To read the press release for this cd it just sounds like every other press release I get and I become just a tad bit uninspired to listen. This debut record from The See, who hails from Little Rock, is an ok mix of high energy anthems and catchy indie rock. They throw a monkey wrench in some of the songs like Old Souls, with the banjo and blues feel. And of course, rock radio would probably eat its own to get Bring it Back and Storytelling on rotation. The fact for me still remains that this cd is just a band that has no identity and can be any band you hear on rock stations at any time. There is nothing that really screamed to me on here that this band has any ideas of their own. I mean, maybe the banjo influenced blues track Old Souls, but how many other bands offer that as well that they throw in that diverse track to throw you off?

They say it takes a lifetime to write your first cd, and to make it count because it may be another one before people buy it. This cd does not sound like a band that put much thought or passion into making this cd, this just sounds like a band that is looking to just be a quick fit and get people immediately to like them. With indie labels you have the freedom to do what you want to do, and I think some bands feel that when they paid little to no dues and are starting out on a label, that they personally come across like they are too good to be an indie band or on the label, and what this cd offers sure sounds like The See feels the same. Again, this is not a bad cd in terms of what it offers song wise, it is just a cd that seems unnecessary. I guess if you’re a fan of this type of music, the fun catchy anthems like what Fun offers, and countless other bands, this cd may be what you need in your collection. All in all, maybe by next cd or two when reality kicks in, and they start to want to forge their own identity and mark, we can truly judge their music better than right now.

5 out of 10