Music Review-The Murder of My Sweet -Bye Bye Lullaby

01. Armageddon
02. Fallen
03. Unbreakable
04. I Dare You
05. Violently Peaceful
06. Meant to Last Forever
07. Idolize
08. Kind of Lousy
09. The One
10. Resurrection
11. Waiting for the 27th (booh Prologue)
12. Black September
13. Phantom Pain

Review-The follow up to their 2010 debut cd Divanity, finds the cd sort of falling into the peer pressure of having to follow up a critically acclaimed and fan favorite cd. I know there is this insane amount of female led symphonic metal bands these days. The Murder of My Sweet has a talented vocalist in Angelica Rylin, who has a voice that is beautiful but yet effective. The first thing I noticed with this cd is the growth that the band felt it needed which at times gets very confusing, especially with songs like Violently Peaceful and Resurrection (and others). The music on this cd may make followers of the first cd very confused, because most of the elements that they expect from this band in terms of instruments and orchestra seem to be watered down and on top of that it has a top 40 Amy Lee vocal delivery that may not well received by people who loved their first cd, and a backup vocal delivery that seems like this band is trying too hard to breakout.

When I listened to this cd I started to think about the last cd by Delain, and how I loved their earlier music and hated when they felt they had to grow and win over a new fan-base by radically trying to change elements of their sound to fit a wider spectrum of fans. This cd comes across as a sad attempt at top 40 goth/operatic safe music. Waiting for the 27th is that slow ballad that really I dug; it came across as Kate Bush-ish with the orchestra and what she brought to the song. It sounded like a song that could be on Never for Ever or Hounds of Love. I just wish the band would have created more musical moments like this on the poppier stuff. Black September sounds like a song you would expect from Sirenia, and shows that Angelica can rock with the Scabbia’s, but still sounds so safe, so uninspired.

There is little to nothing on this for hard rock or even metal fans to recommend. There is no stand out guitar work, or drum work that would get you guys to pay attention. This sounds like a band who wants to get on radio in the worst way. The sing-a-long band choruses really fail to catch fire, and would be so much better if they let Angelica handle the duties alone. I did like Phantom Pain as well, and thought it was fairly catchy and had some guitar work that could be the most metal this cd will get to. This is a safe melodic rock cd that you just know if she left this band they would be dead in the water taking session work. Female fronted bands are such an overpopulated field right now, I just wish more women would stick out more and not be content with just fronting a band, and try to really take the sound and band to the next level, not the greener grass of feeling the pressure of following up a cd that even though people loved it, did not make a dent in the music charts. I did like the ending 30 seconds the most, when someone whispers to me and the cd ends after what I just went thru, was a welcome relief.

4 out of 10