Music Review-the Gathering-Disclosure

Silje Wergeland
René Rutten
Marjolein Kooijman
Hans Rutten
Frank Boeijen

Disclosure Track Listing:

1. Paper Waves

2. Meltdown

3. Gemini I

4. Heroes For Ghosts

5. Missing Seasons

6. See For Miles

7. Paralyzed

8. Gemini II

Review-The Gathering are one of those bands that I always thought should have been bigger than they are. Like the majority of fans, I got aboard during the Anneke years. How to Measure a Planet, and IF Then Else should have major cds for the band and open many doors, and I felt that maybe the label at the time did not know how to market the band or their sound, and it cost them. When now-a-days bands like The Gathering are all over the place and front women are all the rage. When Anneke left in 2007, I was excited because now we will get two different releases, one solo and one from the band. I have to be honest, as much as I miss Anneke fronting the band, Silje Wergeland the new voice behind the band, really continues the legacy. Where I felt The West Pole sounded like a band who wanted to keep their former lead singer legacy alive with fans, and have a note for note sound-alike. Disclosure the band lets Silje be herself, and that was a great idea. Because the first thing you notice is that Silje has her own style and I think this is the best Gathering cd they have released to date.

You have to think this is a band who has been together for well over 20 years, and are always open to evolving. They have gone from one style of music to another without missing a beat. They are one of the few bands that no matter what style they have presented on disc, they have always done a very good job with it. Where even their underground core audience did not want to see a change in vocalists and after hearing Anneke’s first solo record Aqua and their The West Pole coming across like Anneke-esque, fans were not happy. Now with Anneke putting out her best solo record to date, and the stuff she is doing with Devin Townsend, opened the door for The Gathering to hit us with their best. And, they did. They let their singer be herself, and the music and experimentation complemented her voice. Paper Waves set the stage for this cd, with its straight ahead rock style with electronic hints here and there. I feel this song is a sign for fans of old school Gathering to mix with the new school fans, and this song showed the past and future at its very best.

Meltdown to me is that breakout song, if The Gathering did not hit the charts with Shot to Pieces, this is their second life. This has crossover appeal written all over it. This song is the most experimental the band has been, and I feel this is what makes this cd such a shock to the listener. This is a band that can sit on its legacy and keep on giving us the same stuff, but decided to throw a monkey wrench and give us a cd we would never expect from this band. This sounds like the music of a band who knows they have to pick up the pieces and keep going, and god I am so glad they are finally ready to throw the past away and give us a fresh new day for The Gathering. I feel this is the cd that they needed to make; this is their best work to date. This has an alt rock, electronica, progressive and experimental rock feel to it. God, I am not sure if they can top this cd? I am dying to see what is next for them; I am excited again to be a fan of The Gathering. Anneke fans and I know you are out there. Give this band a second chance, trust me you will really love this cd a lot.

9 out of 10