Music Review-Tarja-Act 1

Disc: 1
1. Anteroom Of Death
2. My Little Phoenix
3. Dark Star
4. Naiad
5. Falling Awake
6. I Walk Alone
7. Little Lies
8. Into The Sun
9. Nemo (Nighwish)
10. Never Enough
11. Still Of The Night (Whitesnake)
12. In For A Kill
Disc 2
1. Boy And The Ghost
2. Lost Northern Star
3. Ciaran s Well
4. Tired Of Being Alone
5. (Medley)
6. Underneath
7. Oasis / The Archive Of Lost Dreams
8. Crimson Deep
9. The Phantom Of The Opera
10. Die Alive
11. Until My Last Breath
12. Over The Hills And Far Away

Review- I have to admit when I get word of a new Tarja record, I am always excited to hear what she is up to. Like a lot of fans, I loved her time in Nightwish, and when she left the band the way she did, I was really stoked to see what she could bring solo. Act 1 which is a 24 song live album if anything else is ambitious, very ambitious. The material on these two discs really covers her history solo wise while throwing in some Nightwish as well. The selling point besides to hear her live is that there is also some unreleased stuff on here as well.

The first thing you notice just looking down the song list is the love of cover songs and even tributes. She covers Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera, Gary Moore’s Over the Hills and Far Away, Whitesnake Still of the Night and also a medley that has many surprises that Tarja fans may not seem coming, including Belinda Carlisle (yes the lead singer of the Go Go’s) parts of a cover of Heaven is a Place on Earth. There is no denying this woman has an incredible voice and really delivers live.

My main arguments with this cd is not the quality of what it offered, it is the quantity. I bet to be live at this show was incredible, and I bet the dvd to this show will look and sound incredible. I just think for this cd, it should have been cut down somewhat to maybe 15 songs. I think some of this stuff would have helped the dvd sales more not to include it on the live cd. Give fans a taste, and then put out the dvd with the whole show. I loved her studio version of Still of the Night; I am not a fan of the live version. While Tarja is an operatic beast, she is no David Coverdale and her over the top approach to this song live fails. While I understand the nostalgia to go back and do Nightwish songs, I felt that fans would rather love to see her do them, then just hear her.

I understand the meaning of a live record, especially if you are a Tarja, this is seen as some kind of career retrospective, of where she was and been to where she is today. But, for me I am more of a live dvd person because you get to see the show and see the passion. When you translate it to cd it loses something to me, because it takes away the intimacy of being at the event. While it is easy at times with this record to forget it was a live show, but the main point is that at 2 hours this cd is asking quite a lot for the casual Tarja fan.

If you are a Tarja fan, this is not a bad record; it is just a lot to sit thru. Now I know people want a bargain, and 2 hours of Tarja sounds like a dream for her fans. But, I would rather have 9 amazing songs by my favorite band, then 18 songs by them that I only like 9. Unless you are going to take a long break from music, why not give fans an incentive to buy a music dvd of your show, and just give them a cd of maybe the highlights? All in all, there is no denying what she means to music and Tarja deserves a lot of credit for the direction of today’s females in metal, but she just seems like she is content with her legacy more than trying to forge ahead and grow. I love Tarja but at times this cd was even too ambitious for me.

7 out of 10

  • Great review James! I will definitely buy this one.