Music Review: Serenity Broken – Commercial Suicide (2012)

Serenity Broken - Commercial SuicideI am really not sure what Serenity Broken’s release, Commercial Suicide, says about the music industry today. This Athens-based band should have been picked up back in 2010 when they started out instead of having self-financed this release. To think that someone would not have snatched them up right away just begs the question of what is wrong with the music industry. I will be honest, when bands approach me with their self-financed releases, of course I check them out, but I always wonder what I am about to get myself into. By about a minute into Commercial Suicide, I was not only proven that artists can do it on their own, I was also floored by what I was hearing.

Commercial Suicide is a riff-filled, rock-filled plethora of rock/metal goodness bringing me back to a time when grunge was cool and riffs were simple but heavy. From the outset of the album, you hear traces of bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Godsmack and Pearl Jam, but with just enough of their own flair that makes the album as unique as you would want it to be.

There does not appear to be a weak spot with this band. The vocals are very apt to the task of the guitar work. There are plenty of nice riffs and melodies within each song. There are catchy songs like the two opening tracks, Tattooed Heart and Shadows and there are tracks like Alone? that bring the metal. Some of the riffs in Alone? are much heavier than you would expect from a band such as this.

The bonus track, Def, features Geirge Kollias of Nile and packs some really nice riffs.

Overall, Serenity Broken has hit us hard with Commercial Suicide and I am glad to have heard this one. Here’s to wishing them the best. They deserve it.

Commercial Suicide Track Listing:
01. Tattooed Heart 05:17
02. Shadows 04:06
03. Slip Up 04:25
04. Alone? 05:42
05. Our Hate 04:30
06. Right In Me 04:30
07. Another Fading Memory 05:11
08. Def 04:09
09. Deception 03:51
10. Beat It Outta Me 03:35
11. Sweet Mistake 11:39
12. Def (Bonus Track) Feat. George Kollias 04:06