Music Review-One Eyed Doll-Dirty

1. Plumes of Death 03:40
2. Dirty Man 04:23
3. Envy 04:49
4. Fool Me Once 05:08
5. Weed 02:19
6. Menstrual Case 02:56
7. Liar 04:10
8. Roses 03:43
9. Lonely 04:46
10. Fight 05:12


Kimberly Freeman: Guitaring and Song-Singing

Junior: Drumming and Flower-Smelling

Review-This is the first cd I ever reviewed that I am lost for words as to what to say about what I just encountered. One Eyed Doll has been putting out music since the mid 2000’s, yet this is my first experience with them. Looking at the album cover and pictures I seen on their website I was expecting maybe a Dresden Dolls inspired band, but what I got was a lot different. Kimberly Freeman has this vocal style that has hints of hard rock, goth and pop. This cd has hints of music I have heard before and then throws in music that I was not expecting to hear. Kimberly’s vocal delivery on this sounds like a veteran of the road and studio, and seems to know what works for their sound. Wait till people hear songs like Fight, and Plumes of Death 2012 for starters this band is pretty impressive and seem to pack quite the crunch and punch. Plumes of Death could be a hit on modern alternative radio while Fight could be a good song for Headbanger’s Ball. This cd is like a buffet of ideas that is just a sit back and let the music take you away sort of feeling. The songs may start one way, but half way the tempo and feeling will change, and then the ending it will be completely different. Almost like a metal alternative goth version of a female led Pink Floyd.

Roses is another one of those songs like most of this cd, that could convert a non-fan or someone new like I was going into this cd. Songs like Dirty Man with its bluesy feel, and almost like some kind of swamp music felt a little out of place, but then again this whole cd that was the beauty to it, there is not one song that seems to sound at first like it fits, but when you go thru the song you learn that it does. This music is heavy, but also melodic almost like a guitar and drum poem, that words seem to break the harmony and create a manic chaos that this band seems to thrive in. This is a cd that just jumps out of the stereo and grabs your attention and gives you something unique, both familiar and odd at the same time.

I hope the Revolver nod gets them some much needed publicity, trust me they have the talent to back up Kimberly’s looks. All in all, I really enjoyed this cd a lot and I think many of you will as well.

8.5 out of 10