Music Review-Monuments-Gnosis


1. Admit Defeat
2. Degenerate
3. Doxa
4. The Uncollective
5. Blue Sky Thinking
6. Memoirs
7. 97% Static
8. Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise
9. Regenerate
10. Denial


John Browne – Guitar
Olly Steele – Guitar
Adam Swan – Bass
Mike Malyan – Drums
Matt Rose – Vocals

Review-Monuments is another one of those bands that go thru band members like weekly, including vocalists. Gnosis comes across as a new band that is hungry, and was worth the wait. Listening to the guitar work on this cd seems to harken old school Meshuggah. This cd produces a sound that just comes across with such a force and crunch, almost like a mechanical sledgehammer beating into the speakers. Matt Rose has a vocal style that is nothing short of amazing; his vocals come across so angry yet so raw. This cd just grabbed me from the get go, and never let me go.

Degenerate is so angry and heavy, that this will quickly become a favorite. It is almost like Matt hates all of us and wants to scream at us about how disgusted he is, but yet we are so drawn in with the tight musicianship on this track with the guitars that sound like they are set on crush, and a drum sound that just sounds like he is beating those drums with his fists. This cd packs quite the punch with a familiar formula throughout, explosions of sounds that come across with fury, passion and anger and then couple it with a clean guitar sound and distortion. This cd is only 9 tracks and 40 minutes long, and each song never overstays its welcome and really starts with such a breakneck pace that somehow it carries impressively throughout.

I will be honest before I listened to the whole cd; the first four songs got so much play. I think they are the strongest to this cd. But, make no mistake about it the other 5 songs are just as awesome in the end. So despite all the drama this band has had in their years, this cd is well worth all the pain they went thru and us as fans. This is raw, in your face and just a really impressive metal cd, that I think could convert new fans to give them another chance and new fans to give them a shot.

8 out of 10