Music Review-Malignancy-Eugenics


Type Zero Civilization
Extinction Event
Global Systemic Collapse
Cataclysmic Euphoria
Monstrous Indifference
Creatures of Conformity
The Breach

Band Members

Danny Nelson – Vocals
Ron Kachnic – Guitar
Roger J. Beaujard – Bass
Mike Heller – Drums

Review-After an almost 6 year rest, New York’s own Malignancy are back. The first thing you notice right away is this band has not lost a step and seems more energized. Malignancy and their brand of death metal has always had this unique, technical style and approach that really sets them apart from most other death metal bands. As far as technical and brutal as this cd gets in its tone and sound, it is in a weird way very catchy and addictive. Danny Nelson seems to be the last of the original 1993 line up still in the band, but this time he has surrounded himself with a wealth of talented hands that more than carry their loads. Mike Heller who did some time with Fear Factory, Ron Kachnic and Roger who played with Mortician all show throughout this cd how amazing they are. This cd just comes out screeching and swinging, and tearing apart your eardrums as fast as humanly possible. The drumming on this cd are devastating, like a downpour of rocks on hard cement. They take a modern twist on old school death metal, and I have to clearly say this is their best cd to date.

The time off clearly was spent wisely and the band seems to have evolved and come together to really push the limits to technical metal and progressive thrash. The guitar riffs on this cd really compliment Danny’s vocals, and make them sound so much more massive. There is not one song on here that is filler and from start to finish this cd is just brutal and the sound is so complex. This band coughs up and spews out so many directions and styles, that each song really stands out as a favorite to me because I listened to this cd all the way thru, and could not stop or really care about the names of the songs or what number the track was. I just wanted to let this cd play and enjoy the journey. The musicians on display on this record in my view are the top of their professions and really all complement each other throughout. Where other technical bands over the years have found success when they softened their sound or tried to appeal to a different crowd, Malignancy have decided to travel the opposite direction and make their sound even more heavy than it has been before and throw out all hopes of headlining the next Lollapoolza.

This cd just crushes and devours, I know Nelson’s screeches may not be for everyone, but that aside the songs range from amazing to very well done. I think Malignancy has created a cd that while not going to change the music scene overnight, may make them a lot of fans both new and old. The hooks and riffs are contagious and the sound is definitely very welcome, while some may feel that the 5 plus year absence was too long for anyone in today’s music industry, I am here to say if some of my favorite bands can disappear for half a decade and create this when they come back, I hope more of them take that break. This cd with each listen, I really fall more in love with this and want to recommend it more.

9 out of 10