Music Review-Look Right Penny-Sugar Lane

The Tracks
01. Please Don’t Leave
02. Body Parts
03. Errors
04. Hold You in My Arms
05. Canada, You Promised
06. Move My Body
07. Killah
08. High Hopes
09. Here We Stand
10. Last Goodbye
11. Dancing Shogun
12. Listen
13. Trials
14. Believe


Mariel Diaz-Carrion – Vocals
Cotee Embry – Lead Guitar
Justin Embry – Synth
Ronnie Rios – Bass
Ghaith Khder – Drums

Review-I think metal and alternative have kept a close eye on the trends in pop in the last few years, and seen that female singers are selling a lot of cds. In metal and hard rock, one trend seems to die and right away another one is ready to pick up. The problem with these trends, they get so done to death so quickly. A trend that actually is not new and actually been around for as long as music, but seems today to really be all over the place is females leading bands. The good news is there are some really talented women that I am a huge fan, the bad is that there are triple that number that copy the good ones. Look Right Penny seems like a record label wetdream. Whether the rest of the review is good, bad or indifferent one thing is for sure, that if it was not for bands like Paramore and Metric, this band and this concept would never have seen the light of day. I think with ground breaking cds come a lot of risk and scrutiny, and that most bands do not want to travel that road, but would prefer the lump us into this category and if you like this band or scene deal. This cd tries to mix metal riffs with a soft poppy punk feel that you can tell they were aiming for college radio.

The actual cd while nothing new or groundbreaking, this could be a tour mate for the other bands that seems to incorporate this style of music and that is Picture me Broken and even Fly Leaf. I can honestly say Mariel has singing chops and really on the first three songs which were the strongest. The guitarist also shines on this cd, and really gives us some decent riffs, but this cd needed so much more than riffs and a singer who delivers most of the time. In a oversaturated field right now, this cd does not scream to buy it or inspire me to want to see what is next for them. I would hope that this band really tries to find their place in music, and try not to be content to be lumped into categories. To me, bands like Penny are only around to make a quick buck and try to stick its fishing line out and see if anyone will bite. Cotee and Mariel have the chops and skill to pull it off, and maybe try to branch out and do something that transcends the genre, instead of jumping in an overpopulated pool of bands and content not to come up for air.

4 out of 10

  • Rebekah Herzberg

    I love it when people attack opinions they dislike. Everyone has their own opinion. You cannot call bullshit when someone is stating a preference and decisive outlook on their agenda. It’s called an opinion 🙂

  • DJR

    Hey, do that thing that you did where you review bands… but next time do it better. Comparing LRP to Paramore is like comparing Fall Out Boy to August Burns Red. Oh my gosh the singers are the same gender… so that means… yep they’re identical. Wow this reviewing stuff is easy.

  • JamesD

    First off, thanks so much for checking us out. The feedback I respect, there are tons of bands that I am a major fan of and when a critic attacks them, I am ready to fire at them. I was given the band’s bio and their press release, which I read before even listening to the cd. I have listened to enough music in my time to have a basic feeling of what band is really in this for the long haul or looking to cash in on a trend and run to the bank. I could be wrong, I am human but I feel with what I heard on this record that this is more of a manufactured band that only exists because the success ratio for this formula is more success than fail.

  • dom

    Not a great review dude. Maybe you should improve your researching skills before you attack a band and say that they are just trying to back a quick buck