Music Review-Encrust-From Birth to Soil

Coming out September 25th

1. Predatory Skin
2. Engine Of Deceit
3. Grime Maiden
4. Shrieking Infestation
5. Tapeworms
6. World Lament
7. Cult Of The Cross
8. Traitor Internal


Chris Angelucci – Vocals
Luke Tobias – Guitar
Ryan Kasparian – Guitar
Jeremy Pyrzynski – Bass
Brian Kutanovski – Drums

Produced by Andrew Ragin [The Atlas Moth]
co-mixed and mastered by James Murphy [Testament, Death, Obituary]

Review-Remember when you first heard the cd Cowboys from Hell from Pantera, or the song For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica, and you just knew that minute, this band one day is going to be so huge. That what you just listened to transcended the cd into your life. Metal and every genre and subgenre releases millions of cds, but as a fan you hear those certain cds that just stick with you long after you listened to it, and you have to play it over and over. That cd you have to call your friends over to play the songs, and see their faces. This my friends is that cd. The debut album from Encrust seems so mixed and varied in its sound that I was not sure what genre of metal to call it, or even what subgenre to classify it under.

Certain songs on here like Tapeworm and the growls and the southern doom metal feel comes across like Goatwhore/Soilent Green. Then songs like the progressive sludge metal slab called Predatory Skin comes across like Blind inspired C.O.C. Other tracks range from High On Fire influenced, Down, Mastodon, and the 90’s southern sludge metal scene in New Orleans. This cd sounds like old school thrash metal with a sludge feel to it. This cd has a groove and catchiness to it that will have you hooked from the first note on.

This cd is 8 tracks and clocks in at 31 minutes and it is just from start to finish an all-out brutal assault of a cd. The musicianship on this cd is very tight, and each instrument compliments the other, and lets each musician showcase their talents without drowning out the others. This cd has some amazing death metal growls throughout and some insane and fucking brilliant guitar riffs.

They have a vocalist in Chris who comes across like a pissed off beast who can roar with the best of them. The shock to this cd was how catchy and the melodies were so infectious, and how accessible the sound of the band is. Which means if you are not a fan of thrash, or this kind or that kind of metal, but are a metal fan, you may find something in this cd that appeals to you. I just see this cd being such a launching pad for this band in the upcoming years. You will be hearing major things from this band very soon. On one side of the spectrum this cd is intense, brutal and heavy as all fuck and on the other it is catchy, infectious and has major crossover appeal. This cd is a kick in the balls of metal music, and lord knows we need quite a few of those. A must buy.

10 out of 10