Music Review-Doro-Raise Your Fist

Coming out this November from Nuclear Blast Records

Raise your Fist is the first full length cd from Doro in almost 3 years and this may be one of her best cds in a while. For a woman who got her start in 1984 fronting Warlock, and is so underrated as a survivor of a male dominated metal world for so long without using her sex appeal, or making gossip boards, but just going out and putting out music and letting that do her talking she deserves so much credit. I mean when you buy a cd by Doro you know what to expect, you are going to get the hooks, catchy choruses and just that love affair that her voice has with listeners. The opening title track and track 3-Rock Till Death are such a throwback to 80’s arena fist pumping air guitar fun, Raise your Fist in the Air and Rock Till Death sounds like Doro wanted to recreate that fun arena experience, and just have those songs that you know live the fans will sing-along to the catchy chorus and air guitar all the leads, this cd has a few of those signature Doro songs, that fans love her for. You just had to know when she was in the studio creating this cd it was a blast and they all had fun, it comes thru the tracks.

You got a few guests on this cd. It still Hurts features Lemmy and comes across as a modern day Close my Eyes forever. I liked this song a lot more than I thought I would, it was such a good little power ballad. Motorhead fans will be shocked at this subdued Lemmy ballad. Doro really gives Lemmy such a great vocal delivery to play off of, and it works. Grab the Bull features Gus G. Like Raise your Fist there is this background vocal that felt like Accept, and it worked for me. Doro gives us many commercial moments, and a few ballads but she also breaks out her old school Warlock tricks for songs like Revenge, Take No Prisoners, Little Headbanger, and Victory that old school fans will identify the most with.

I am not sure where an artist like Doro fits in with today’s female metal scene or the metal scene in general, but I know that compared to most of the shit the scenes have released as of late, this was a fun cd that felt like a homage to her past while fully happy about where she is right now. All in all, I am really a fan of this cd and I think Doro fans will not be letdown.

8 out of 10

  • S Dunkin

    Pesch’s pathetic attempt at vocals rings true once again. My God, when is she gonna quit embarrassing herself! And whats with the cartoon cover albums, really???? Does anyone know what she reallly looks like?? Give it up Doro, you suk