Music Review-Devin Townsend Project-Epicloud

Track Listing
1. “Effervescent!”
2. “True North”
3. “Lucky Animals”
4. “Liberation”
5. “Where We Belong”
6. “Save Our Now”
7. “Kingdom”
8. “Divine”
9. “Grace”
10. “More!”
11. “Lessons”
12. “Hold On”
13. “Angel”

Devin Townsend – guitars, vocals, keyboards
Anneke Van Giersbergen – vocals
Ryan Van Poederooyen – drums
Brian Waddell – bass
Dave Young – guitars and keyboards

Review-Does anyone put out more music than Devin Townsend? It seems when one cd is about to be released, we learn of three more he has on the way. I been a fan of Devin since I discovered him on the Vai Sex and Religion cd. And, thru all his projects from touring guitarist on The Wildhearts P.H.U.Q, to Punky Brewster, Ocean Machine, SYL and way too many more to count he has always put out very good work. You can tell that Devin is a protectionist and takes pride in what he puts his name on. The shock to me is that with each cd, he seems to get more maturity as a musician and also more creative then the last cd.

Epicloud to me is an epic release, from the sound to the passion of all involved, this is the highlight of all the work post SYL. While people will always sell me that Ki was an amazing cd or this and that, I just feel that this cd is almost the equivalent of Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention back in the day. This cd has so many shocks and one in particular is the almost church like choir intro to lead to the duet with him and Anneke called True North. Talk about something that maybe fans are not going to be quite ready for. True North sounds like pure top 40 radio, with a classic hard rock guitar that harkens back to Foreigner more than metal. It is the most beautiful love song that Devin ever wrote, and Anneke finds a way to really put Devin and the song over the top.

The next song is another slab of just musical oddness Lucky Animals. This song sounds like something out of Willie Wonka, and it has such a groove to it that you will find yourself humming to it without even knowing it. What a cool tip of the hat to Frank Zappa, and the unpredictable music adventure that he brought into your record players. This cd also has quite a few slow ballads on here like Where we Belong, Divine and Lessons. While they are very cool ballads, this cd also gives you the crunch that you expect from Devy like More, and Liberation. I have to say on record, that while Devin has used Anneke in the past in little doses, she really shines on this cd almost as much as Devin does.

Devin never fails to not impress, and this cd with what is on the horizon makes me happy that Devin is never going to stop making music. I just wish he would concentrate on a full band, and let Anneke have a place in it as back-up singer. Thank god, Devin does not conform to popular trends and music, True North is such a great song. Epicloud is such an epic cd, and a must buy. I thought this would get to be overkill with all his music, but each cd seems to have its own identity and really outshine the last.

9 out of 10