Music Review-Def-Con-One-Warface



1. Never Look Back
2. March Of The Dead **
3. Warface
4. Hold On
5. Blood
6. Steeped In Pain
7. 10 Bullets
8. Feeling Cold
9. My Halo
10. Hit List
11. In Death
12. Give Me Strength “6&6”

Review-Def-Con-One’s debut cd is a love letter to the old school days of bands like Machine Head, Pantera and Vision of Disorder. This is a band that seems to have read the playbook of those bands (along with Godsmack and Slipknot) and took the elements that worked from their sound and incorporated it into this record. Now, that description would make it seem like this band is a clone or a rip off that is where Def really set its own identity. While this cd is nothing close to being original, it is fucking brutal. From the anger filled screams that lead into some heavy power grooves and crunch that sounds like this band is ready to take over the metal scene. Now, the rhythm section holds their own and really adds to the power of the songs, well what you would expect from Antton who played for a decade with Venom. Songs like the title track is a good example that shows this band at what they excel the most at, catchy lyrics and scream out loud choruses with the blistering guitars and power groove that will get your attention and stick with you long after it is over. About mid-way thru the song, they take this Slipknot Iowa turn that I did not see coming and really added to the power of the track. This cd sounds like the only reason it exists is to make metal heads fans again, as a call to to arms to this genre that we need to embrace our past more and not try to damn it with half assed lame attempts at trying to make a buck and put out music with passion. Another track that got my attention was 10 Bullets, which goes from crunchy to catchy to just brutal, and really delivers. This is a band that proudly wears its influences throughout this cd and really creates this violent assault that will get them a lot of attention and people talking. This is a highly recommended cd, those fans of old school will crave and love. I think this cd will make a lot of top ten lists in 2012 and deserves to be there.

9 out of 10