Music Review-BLAQK AUDIO- Bright Black Heaven

1. Cold War
2. Fade To White
3. Faith Healer
4. Deconstructing Gods
5. Everybody’s Friends
6. Let’s Be Honest
7. With Your Arms Around You
8. Bliss
9. Bon Voyeurs
10. The Witness
11. Say Red
12. Ill-Lit Ships

Review-When people think about bands who radically change their sound to cater to newer audiences, people always seem fast to point their fingers at metal. Bands like Metallica if you know the history has radically became a totally different group before our eyes, for better or worst they keep on changing their musical direction per cd. But, I am here today to point my finger to alternative rock as being just as guilty as metal, but since most alt fans do not really get as vocal as metal, it is time I did. Today’s culprits are AFI. I admit that I am not a huge fan of the band, but I do love the song Love Like Winter and have that cd. I know they are part of that junk pop scene that caters to screaming females with their bubble gum music that sounds like it is tailor made to try to convey rebellion to 12 year olds. You know the groups, Fall out Boy, My Chemical Romance, AFI, Good Charlotte, Sum 41 and etc. All these bands who would sell out in a second for a dollar, and not have a care in the world for musical integrity, just like Metallica. Davey Havok and Jade Puget who are the core of AFI, a few years back created this outlet to give them a chance to do things that they only hinted at in AFI. I did not buy or hear the first record, because to tell you the truth as much of a fan of one cd I am, that did not scream at me to buy that cd. Now, that I have the new cd I can finally get to hear that pop dance electronica beat music.

For those who are fans of AFI, you knew that as a band they would be heading in this direction with their own sound. They call it being more open to a new musical fan-base, I call it what it is selling out. There is no die hard AFI fan on this planet who can listen to this cd and call it a good cd. I guess what they were trying to do was come across as some hybrid of Depeche Mode meets New Order, which is a lofty goal. I hate when bands shoot for these goals, no offense to them but there is already one of each of those bands, do you truly think we need more? What this cd really came across as is uninspired and flat done to death pop synth boring music. I go into each cd with an open mind, if itis something I am new to, I am there hoping it wins me over, and draws my attention to want to praise it. I do not go into a cd to listen to it bored out of my fucking mind and wondering how much fans will spend on it, and hate me for not warning them.

There are a few songs on here that I liked; one of them is called Bliss. But, for the 2 or 3 songs that I really dug, there are 9 songs on here that just come across as horrible. From retro pop attempts that fail, to some kind of laughable goth- like feels in the songs that lacks heart, soul and charisma, and just sound so phony and tired. With your arms around you, is another song I really like because it captured that the band at least tried. All in all, here is hoping that maybe when AFI go back in the studio they got this out of their system and are motivated to make music again.

2 out of 10