Music Review-Black September-Into the Darkness Into the Void

Track Listing
01 – “Into The Darkness“
02 – “Solitude“
03 – “Rabid Hunger“
04 – “Cursed“
05 – “Invocation“
06 – “Beyond The Realms“
07 – “Defiance“
08 – “Unhallowed Ground“
09 – “No Return“

J.M. – Vocals
C.M. – Guitars
J.M. – Guitars
A.B. – Bass
T.N. – Drums

Review-Back in July, I reviewed their debut record while not a metal classic, it was not a bad debut. While reading the press release that came with this cd I learn that this is a very important step for this upstart band. They are trying to get established and better known in metal circles. The nucleus of this band just like the debut is Chris and Jen McMorrow, the songs all seem to center around Jen’s vocals and what Chris brings to the guitar.

On the surface these 9 tracks seem very recognizable if you are a fan of any kind of thrash or death metal, that nothing really sets the music apart as a band trying to forge its own identity. They sound like a band who would love to be lumped into the ranks of other established bands as opposed to trying to do their own thing. Jen’s vocals remind me of old school Sinister, and very early Arch Enemy in a way.

Black September seem to very talented and know how to give the most out of each song. The hooks while very catchy and also very intense, and at times will have you banging your head while trying to guess where the song is heading towards in terms of sound and direction. This just goes nonstop from thrashing to just intense death metal blasting. While every woman is lining up these days to be the next “it” girl, it is about time metal got a female who is not afraid to get dirty and just be as vicious and assaulting as the guys.

My negatives, the band needs to find a middle ground. I said this on the debut and now again, you have a great lead singer, and the guitars should never drown her out, no matter what impact or tempo you are trying to create. I would love for them in the next release, to turn the vocals up a little more and maybe turn down the rest of the band, let Jen shine. Other than that, I really like this cd, I should have loved it, but I feel that they failed to accomplish what they were trying to do. This cd will not set them apart, nor will it change the music scene. It is good for what it is, but you just know that this band is so much better than this, and capable of so much more.

Take a note from Arch Enemy, Lacuna Coil and etc. You have a female, focus on her, let her shine and make her vocals stand out. I know egos, and people have to feel that they are better than they truly are, but this band is average in its present stage, but I feel they have a hidden weapon with Jen, I think she could be the difference from underground to metal fans lips. Maybe next cd.

7 out of 10