Movie Short Review-Rotting Hill

I just witnessed this 5 minute short called Rotting Hill. What this short offered in just 5 minutes was nothing short of amazing. The plot is basically a zombie take on the love story, and I guess by the title it was inspired by Notting Hill. It involves a guy zombie who falls in love with a female, and they have this love connection that is just nothing short of goofy. They have a scene which was inspired by the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp involving a body organ. This film offers so much blood and just all around silliness, that you would really have fun with what it offers. The negative to this little short is almost nit picking very badly, but I hated that they showed us in the ending credits how they achieved all the amazing effects in this film. It is almost like watching a magician and for them to spell out the tricks to you one by one. What fun is that, let us be amazed by the beauty and fun, do not show us the tricks.

That little tidbit aside, this little bite offers you so much for those 5 minutes. It was a monkey wrench into what we usually get with shorts and zombie shorts at that. These five minutes may make you want to be excited if these guys are going to give us more stuff in the future. If this is any indication, I think these guys have some serious chops and could really be a force if they have a full length film with a budget on the horizon. Let us all hope. It is really hard to screw up something that is as long as a commercial break, I want to see if they can carry this talent say 30 minutes, 60 minutes or even 30 minutes. Then, will be the real review.

9 out of 10