Movie Review-Vile

Coming to DVD September 11th

Plot- After a weekend camping, four people on their way home decide to help out a young woman who is stranded. Well, she uses gas to knock them all out and next thing you know the four find themselves trapped with other people in a locked up house. They watch a video tape and are told they have a device that is attached to the back of their skull. They have 24 hours to produce this chemical the brain releases when the body is in pain, they have to fill up these vials. Once the vials are all filled they are free to go, but if the vials are not filled within this time, they will never leave. Soon they will find out if they try to remove the device they will die, so they must inflict pain on each other to fill the vials.

Review-Vile is proof that the torture porn genre for better or worse is still alive. If you stripped Saw of the characters, plot and dialogue and just kept it to the traps and results of what happens to the victims, that is what you would get with Vile. Everything on display in this film you have seen before, people trapped, people turning on each other, people trying to abuse and harm each other for the greater good to solve their predicament. The whole film revolves these people trapped in a house that figure the more pain they cause each other, the more chemical will be in the vial, and the faster they can leave. From putting a hot iron on a chest, taking a tool and busting a woman in the mouth to all her teeth fall out, to putting their hands in bowling water to the point that the skin is falling off, if this sounds like a film that you could get behind, then this film is all for you. I was just let down by how bad the script were and how boring the characters came across, now some of the torture I really liked a lot. But, it did get to be overkill when they had to get worst and worst with the torture because the brain was not producing enough. Of course it cannot be a Saw rip off without a twist and this film has one that makes zero to no sense, and even for an indie rip off felt like a huge stretch.

This film was very slow, and like I said the script and characters were both pretty awful. There is a scene where they just tortured this guy, and he is alone in a room in a lot of pain, and one of the other people come in the room to talk to him and the first thing out of his mouth was, “ So how are you feeling”. And after a few other sentences that were just as bad as that, he then says, “oh never mind, I know how you feel I am stupid for asking”. I guess the torture is the reason this film is called Vile, but I thought there was really nothing truly vile about it other than what they were trying to fill up. And of course, we find out all of a sudden one of the girls is pregnant, and her man wants to take her pain for her, but part of the twist is what happens later to her, that makes me think why even try to go that route if you are going to abandon it later. Tool lead singer Maynard has his name in the credits as a star, but either I blinked and missed him or they cut his scene and he is in the deleted stuff. All in all, this has torture galore, if you are a fan of watching fingernails get ripped out, fingers cut, women bludgeoned with weapons to the point they lose their teeth and cannot walk, then look no further this film is for you.

4 out of 10