Movie Review-Tight

Coming to home video on September 25th from Wild Eye Releasing

I think when Rob Reiner created This is Spinal Tap in 1984, never in his wildest dreams would he think that an all-girl porn band would find inspiration in that film and reality TV to make their version of the band on the road, and handling every day band stress film. A lot of people may know this band from winning the Howard Stern contest the XXX Factor. And of course most people will know Bree Olson as being the “goddess” to Charlie Sheen. This film runs almost 2 hours long, and some of the scenes go on for far too long with no real payoff. The film starts off with a small history of each girl, where they introduce us to who they are and what they play and why they want to quit porn and the pursuit of this music dream. This dream that just came to Monica the lead singer during a girl on girl porn scene with Bree, which must speak wonders about Bree’s sexuality. So the girls get together and meet for the first time in this house that Bree rented for them. The second these girls get in the house, they act like they never seen a house in their life. I never had seen women get so excited about a house that was really nothing special. Knowing that if one of us brought one of them to a house like that for some fun, they would laugh at us and ask us to save up for a better house. Boy, Bree is a rocket scientist during a woman on woman scene she comes up with an epiphany that she can manage a band, winning comes to mind almost immediately.

So, they find out they only have 5 days after meeting at the house before their first show so they have to rehearse and get used to each other. Well, Layla goes guitar shopping on Bree’s credit card, and so far this film is a total bore. The accents of each of these women is annoying, and even from a sexual standpoint which they are trying to sell me on screen, maybe Layla and the drummer Alica are decent. The film starts to change gears when we meet Bree’s cousin, his name is Joel. And, that is when the film got so odd it was hilarious. Bree was telling the story about filming sex scenes being so odd with her cousin watching and then he is eating a can of sardines while she is doing the do. And he explains to us when he puts his finger up and covers Bree’s face it is ok to watch his cousin have sex because she has a hot body. This film with the limo driving the band around, having a manager buy you everything before you are even signed and the girls acting like their shit do not stink, came across so much like the first Kittie dvd-Spit in your Eye which was such a mistake for those girls because that was not a mockumentary and pissed off many fans.

This film follows the girls on tour, which what can go wrong does go wrong especially with so many personalities who do not know each other so well, and have to co-exist. Right from the start Layla is the one who does not get along with most of the band, and along with Tuesday seem to enjoy the party lifestyle of being on tour more than the performing. The girls RV breaks down, their co-manager gets fired and they are in the middle of nowhere to do 300.00 porn shoots and strip clubs to make money to make it home, basically tells you all need to know about this film and what it offers. At the shows, the girls want to be taken serious and judged as musicians, but seem to want to go topless and throw condoms in the crowd, and offering a golden condom for someone to go backstage and score after the show. Another odd thing about this film, the most sexually active people on tour, sleeping with crowd members and doing porn shoots, have boyfriends at home they claim they love and are faithful to. This film seemed to blur the line between truth and mock, and I felt at times it came across as serious.

I thought the scenes we did get with music, that the girls if that was really them have some talent. I just felt at 113 minutes, that it should have been trimmed and maybe more deleted scenes in the bonus then in the actual film. The sex this film offers is in a R rated nature, do not think you are going to get full on penetration. The girls never acted like the music or playing was a priority, this film focused more on the sexual nature and the in-fighting. The fight scenes in this film with the girls were very violent and shocking that it looked so real. I felt like Alica really did slap the fuck out of Layla. And when Layla and Tuesday get into it, it was like a female version of the blacked out fight scene in Borat, with no blacking out. And, what put that scene over the top you have Bree’s cousin watching a naked woman fight a woman and he is on the bed chilling sucking down sardines.

As far as this film, I wish it would have had more of the music and to see if the band really does have the talent and chops to be taken serious. The humor was there in doses; Bree Olson looked a very rough 26 years old. If this film was maybe 90 minutes, it would have flowed so much more easily. As a whole, it is a ballsy concept that did at least entertain for the most part. I just wish if they were going to go down the porn and sexuality route, which they did, why not just do it fully? And if you are going to go down the music route just feature it more and I guess the same can be said about the comedy route. While each were touched on here and there, I just felt if the script was more of a priority, and less attention on trying to cater to everyone’s expectation, it would have been so much more recommendable. The humor needed to be darker and smarter, and maybe the writing more creative. Again, good concept and there is enough here for people to get into, but I am just sad that this is the first time this concept has been used and this is what they did with it.

7 out of 10