Movie Review-The Tall Man

Coming to dvd and blu ray September 25th

Plot-Welcome to the town of Cold Rock, in this town they have a problem with kids disappearing. The kids just leave without a trace, and instead of hints or traces of where they can be, there is an urban legend of a Tall Man who takes kids. Enter, Julia who does not believe in this myth, and soon she faces the same horror as she discovers someone took her son. Will she find her son and break the trend, and most important will she believe now in The Dark Man?

Review-It is hard to believe it has been 4 years since Martyrs. At first, rumors linked director Pascal Laugier to the Hellraiser reboot. After that fell through for whatever reason, the man just disappeared like the kids in this film. Then around mid-2011 news started to break that he was working on The Tall Man, and the fans were excited, then came news it starred Jessica Biel, and the excitement was met with uncertainty. But, fans after watching it let me tell you, if you are worried about Biel, do not worry anymore. She really delivers. So, now here we are 4 years later with the follow up to the film that put him on the lips of horror fans. If you are going into this film expecting Martyrs or Martyrs like, you will be seriously letdown. The truth be known, this is more of a thriller than a horror film. Gone is the excessive blood and gore, and in its place dare I say, a maturity. This film is a slow burn, and until the 25 minute to 30 minute mark you really do not get much action. When Julia gets home at that point, and her friend Christine is tied up and looks beaten up, is when the film takes off. Julia realizes her son is abducted and chases down the van and that scene with Jessica Biel holding the back of the truck looked very intense, and will get a reaction from the fans who stuck with the slow story and very odd plot.

As odd as the first part of this film seems, the second part of the film was even odder. If you are following the story and think you know just by what you are reading right now that you know how this film will play out, you are going to be severely mistaken. The film throws away all logic and gives us quite a few “huh” moments and a twist that literally makes us wonder about what we witnessed till then. The atmosphere and mood feels very Twilight Zone, and never gets out of depressing. Though, the ending in its own way tries to change the mood to a weird upbeat or obscure positive, but it still comes across as what I expect from Pascal, some well thought out philosophy drenched in human emotion and pain.

This film was well acted and not at all predictable even when you think you know what will happen next you won’t figure it out. I had fun with this film even though at times it does get very confusing, and makes you question everything you have witnessed or what you are witnessing. But, like Martyrs that is the beauty of this film to create a mood and make you think. This is quite frankly the best film Jessica Biel has done in a very long time, which is more because of Pascal than her. Here is hoping it does not take Pascal another four years for his next film?

8 out of 10