Movie Review-The Revenant

Coming to home video via Lionsgate September 18th

Plot- The undead buddy action horror comedy film that will have you talking much after the credits roll and you pop this out the player. This film starts off with Bart being buried. Bart is an Iraq war vet, and he comes home in a body bag. (What a great premise for a comedy horror film eh) Janet his girlfriend is torn apart, and his friend Joey takes it hard. And, then a few minutes later. We see Bart coming out of the grave. At first he thinks it was a mistake, and he was buried alive. Then, Bart discovers it was not a mistake and he might either be a vampire or a zombie. Upon eating his favorite foods, he gets sick. And he is starting to decompose. So thru things like trying to lure homeless people in a car so they can get drained of their blood or going to the hospital and robbing them for blood, Bart soon learns he needs blood to function and not rot away. This is where, the film gets going. The guys decide to start killing thieves, rapists and drug dealers. One night a robbery goes wrong, and now Joey is part of the undead. Things get really complicated when Janet wants to help Bart get better by wanting to be his blood source.

Review-This film has cult classic written all over it. Talk about a film that is way better than it has a right to be. If I told you on paper some of the jokes in this film you would be like…” ok that is not so funny”…but to see them in this film with the characters they seemed to work. Esp. the Re-Animator scene, where there is a head without a body and it is trying to talk and they find a way to make it talk, and it is just utter ridiculous to even talk about, but to see it was just so goofy. The story is well told, and better yet very well written. There is such a fine line between horror and comedy that most people when they mix them they either hit gold or fail pretty bad. This film reminded me why I love to talk about film, and review stuff. It was a good time.

Now James, does it have gore and blood…oh yes. It does not go overboard like an Evil Dead or Dead Alive, but trust me it has some good gore and blood moments. But, it almost has a Dead Heat meets Robocop feel. When Bart and Joey go on a spree to stop crime in their city, and it seems like every crook is either a bigot or mentally challenged. The film takes a weird turn when Joey gets the so called” black gift “as he calls it and he too becomes a undead superhero (?) The film just becomes a fight between two friends, when things are revealed and events start happening. The scene when they keep shooting each other, was such a cool scene. And I forgot another one of my favorite moments. When Bart gives the Clint Eastwood speech,” did I fire 6 shots”. The Dirty Harry one. That was so long overdue for someone to put a twist on that moment. There was this little social statement scene in the film that involves them driving around trying to get a homeless person to get in the car so he can work for food, what a ballsy statement that we all have always thought. Not to kill them, but to see how fast if you offer them food will they just be honest and say I want cash.

Now my faults with this film, I did not like the final 10 minutes. This film was such a full adrenaline rush, and I felt the end gave more questions than answers and it was like Kerry was unsure about how to end it. But, the 1 hour and 44 before a fun ride thru 80′s film. And I did not want the ride to end. Here is a quote. The Revenant is for real. This is a kick in the balls and vagina of any contemporary horror and comedy hybrid I have seen so far this year or any year. This film got a reputation from every festival it played and for 3 years the word is really loud, trust me, this film delivers. You will not be letdown.

8.75 out of 10