Movie Review-The Nest ( 1988)

Plot-Roger Corman’s studio’s take on killer mutant roaches is basically a biological experiment that goes wrong on a New England town and kills its citizens. Directed by Terence H. Winkless.

Review-In the 80’s direct to dvd films were running rampant. When these studios like New World Video, Media, and many more that would kick out films on what seemed a weekly basis. Quantity usually took over on quality. When you think of people who made their names on this formula, Roger Corman would top the list. From his studios to just him as a director and producer, you know Roger could be in post-production with one film, and have two others starting to shoot within the same day. If anything else, Corman is consistent and his films no matter how good or bad they were, always seemed to flood the markets and make him money. But, also with his films and films he was behind you could expect cheesy to very bad acting, special effects that were questionable to very bad, and plots that were so ridiculous that outside of his mind, where else could this exist? In the mid to late 80’s with the success of the remake of The Fly and Aliens, you know Corman and his studio had to try and cash in on this success. So instead of a fly or greasy aliens, we get killer cockroaches. The Nest is from the rather large library of the Myth of Corman. This film falls into a category as animals running amok, and plays out like a homage to monster films from the early 50’s. The Nest in a nutshell is Homer who is the local exterminator of North Port, who has so many people calling him about this sudden rash of roach problems. How could this have happened you may ask, well the mayor of the town approached a big corporation INTEC about creating, a superbug to kill other bugs, but can die off before it breeds. Again, only in the mind of Roger Corman can a concept like this exist.

This film is pure popcorn trash fun; it is so silly that you have to have fun with this film. There is a scene in particular in this film that you can see the insects running thru the grass and we get to see it the way they do. They also have another trait; they have the ability to assume the form of what they kill whether it is human or animal. While the acting in this film is subpar to below average, which we expect from Corman and his productions, the plot seems lifted from many other films in many other genres thru many other years, now that being said, this was not a bad film at all, it was fun. Though, going into this film you may want to lower your expectations somewhat and shut your brain off. This also has another Corman staple that sells his films; women are who are beautiful and seem to not rely on their acting to sell themselves in a film. This is just exploitation candy, I mean look at the cover to this film you know what you are getting into with this film. You have a beautiful woman fighting a bug and she is scantily dressed.

I love Roger Corman and if you watched his documentary Corman’s world, you will truly appreciate films like this and what his vision is in terms of just delivering fun for little to no money. All in all, this film is worth a rental, just for the sheer insanity of it.

7 out of 10