Movie Review-The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The best way to describe the appeal to a movie like this is just being honest about what place it has on the release slate. Films like this are the alternative to what the summer blockbuster is. This year, the Oscar ceremony made some silent history, from moving from its March spot to now be on in January. Which helps film releases like Hotel that came out during the year that Oscar will remember them along with the ones that will pop up at the last minute to get a nod. To start this review, I love movies, all genres. I know people will see the site and think when I review a film like this, I will automatically hate it because it was not horror, or this and that. To be honest, me and my wife sometime just really enjoy a good romantic or fun movie, just to sit on the couch and hold hands and enjoy. When I first heard about this film and the buzz it created, we wanted so bad to go see it at the movie theater. But, her job and my life we did not have a chance.

Plot-A group of retired British men and women travel to India to go to a hotel they think is new and restored. When they get there it is not what they pictured, but soon they will grow very fond of it.

Review-I was watching the Roger Ebert review show that comes on public access, and his critics (or sheep, you decide) were all in arms about how bad they thought this film was. Now, if this was a horror film or a film that pushes boundaries and they did not agree with me, I could see that but how can anyone hate this film baffles me. Especially a respected (well hold on I guess they are respected) television critic. I think most people are disappointed in themselves, or not paying attention and instead of being honest they just say they did not like it, and try to look more knowledgeable then they truly are.

I thought the India setting fit the film, and I love the British humor that was all over this film. The acting and script is Oscar worthy, and may be in the vein of 4 weddings and a funeral. This film is all about realism, they handle real problems, real issues and do it both serious and humorous, and this film had the feel good film all over it. I know I dragged my wife to many of these older comedies about seniors or more mature people like Something’s Gotta Give, but sometimes I love to see a film that is geared towards a more mature audience.

At the end of this film I found myself sad, because I started to formulate the meaning of the film more that I was done laughing and just so deep into the story. This is about several lives that show people dealing with the fear of old age and trying to come to terms in their own way. The last time I viewed seniors in this way was Cocoon. This film shows that being older does not mean you just wither and blow away, that you are just as a valuable member of society and powerful still. This film makes you cherish the people in your life that you know will not be here forever, and to show you a different side to them. This and Cocoon could be a great double bill. I really love this film and hope that Oscar remembers it.

8 out of 10