Movie Review-The Babymakers

Coming to home video on September 18th

Plot- From director Jay Chandrasekhar( who you may know from his Broken Lizard stuff like Super Troopers, and Beerfest) comes this story of Audrey who wants to be pregnant and her husband seems to have an issue with his sperm. They find out that the reason Tommy’s sperm is so low, is that to get her engagement ring he had to make a lot of donations to the local sperm bank 5 years ago. Well, he goes to the sperm bank to see if they have his sperm still in freezing, and when he finds out there is one vial left, he wants it back and they refuse to give it back to him. So he gets his friends together and hire an Indian guy with a history of breaking and entering to go get the sperm back by breaking into the building.

Review- Jay and members of Broken Lizard when they are on, they are really funny but when they are off, they are not so funny. This film falls in the middle, there were elements of this film that was funny to an extent, but this film had so much that just felt flat. Olivia Munn, who a lot of people may know from Attack of the Show on G4, knows that while she is a beautiful woman, I am not so sure if she is ready to be a co-star on a film just yet. While she is not all the problem to this film, she really comes across as such a one dimensional character that sadly is a combination of bland and boring. Paul Schneider is very talented as evident if you are a fan of Parks and Recreation. On that show he has other people to feed off of, and well written material. This film he just seemed like such an afterthought, it was like he tried to do his best with what he was given, but it just was not as funny as he could be, and is. This film has a lot of juvenile gross out jokes, that from Tommy ( played by Paul) who has this problem with his sperm, when the jokes are not about him firing blanks, they seem to involve him either trying to masturbate to getting hit by anything and everyone in the balls.

The other gross out jokes happen later in the film when they rob the sperm bank, anything that can go wrong does go wrong. And you can tell Jay and the crew was very inspired by films like Dumb and Dumber and Something about Mary. That was the other issue I had with not only this film, but the film they did a few years back The Slammin’ Salmon, and maybe even Beerfest. Their films just seem to rehash the same jokes over and over, and their well must be the true thing that is running dry. Where you would expect a film like this to have a bitter sweetness to it, this film felt so cheap and incomplete. Now, there were moments throughout this film that I laughed out loud, but there were more moments that I was utterly bored by this film and how stupid some of these situations were. You are on your way to get your sperm tested, and you blow two tires and run with sperm in your hand and cannot find any humor to that situation? The film tried really hard to be entertaining and funny, but in the end this film just felt like one of those late night HBO films that you are so bored and cannot find anything else on tv and watch it for the hell of it.

If you are a fan of Salmon style humor, you would like this film. Olivia Munn is still getting her feet wet with acting, she is not ready to try and co-carry a film. This film is proof that maybe Jay needs a break as well from directing, and get his creative juices flowing again.

4 out of 10