Movie Review-Super Cyclone

Plot-The Asylum is back and this time a Super Cyclone is coming to threaten the entire west coast and it is up to a meteorologist and an engineer to join together and save us.

Review-With certain movie studios you sort of know what to expect going into their films. When you see The Asylum or the made for SYFY original films, you cannot judge them on script, acting or effects. That is like buying a pinto and hating it because it is not a BMW. It baffles me when people get so mad and vocal about how bad this and that in these films are. So when it comes to these films, I judge them on the fun factor. If I have fun with the film, then who cares how bad this or that was, movie watching is supposed to be an escape not a medium that we always have to judge so harshly when at the core of the film if people just looked, is a fun film. I will be honest, the acting in this film is so hokey that I loved it more than I should have, I was laughing every time Captain Worley (whose name may be a play off of someone famous that most of grew up with on television) spoke, the way he went across with his dialogue just sounded like everything was dire emergency and he had to overdramatize it and oversell it. Nicholas Turturro was so campy in this film that he bordered on parody each time he spoke. That is the one positive I can say about the last few Asylum films, they were bat-shit insane and fun as all hell. When they oversell this Super Cyclone as having the power of 5 Katrina’s, you just had to know that when you saw this Cyclone it was going to be cheesy, and it did not let you down. This film is not perfect, and it clearly does not try to sell you on that aspect. This film is just insane and cheesy, and for that I really have to say I was not bored with this film and loved it from start to finish.

Liz Adams just like she showed us with Air Collision is a director who loves to have fun, and tries to make her films to be so absurd and not to take them serious so that you can watch them and just laugh along with them, it is film, film is supposed to be fun. I am starting to think that Asylum really needs to give this woman more films to work on, because I still think Air Collision is the best thing the Asylum has ever put out, and this Cyclone would rank in the top ten of their releases as well. Where in the past the Asylum’s library were about mock-busters, and just plain out rip-offs of what is at the multiplex, Liz tries to create films that take a concept and creates something that has this high cheese factor that if you are not laughing at the fun of the film, you really are missing out. I will say, if I say this is a good film and you guys are expecting Twister, Day After Tomorrow, or something that is going to visually blow you away, you may want to skip this film. Now, if you are a fan of Mystery Science Theater and love those bad cheap disaster films of the 70’s, oh you will love this film.

I am a fan of a film that seems to be parodying itself. This film felt like a serious film that mocked itself, and to watch the actors overact and the special effects like the lava and the storm, were just insane fun, that I was laughing my ass off so much, I wanted to watch it again right after it ended. I think Liz when she creates these films, seems to always mean well, but she has this alter ego that has to do everything so bat shit insane, that I think she is the best director the Asylum has had in a long time. I now have another director that I am a major fan of. Fun film that you guys should have no expectations on, or hopes and just play it and let the film entertain you.

7.5 out of 10