Movie Review-Strippers vs Werewolves

Coming to dvd and blu ray on Sept 25th from Well Go USA

Plot-When the head of the werewolf clan is killed at a strip club in London by a stripper named Justice, guess who wants revenge on the strippers? So our dancers have until the next full moon to be ready for the attack that is coming to them.

Review-This is Jonathan Glendening’s follow up to Night Wolf. This film from the trailer to the cover art, I did not want to hate this film, sadly the trailer and the cover art were the only things I could recommend about this film. The film tries, and I mean really tries to be funny and just falls so flat. The beginning of the film takes place in 1984, and of course you know the song playing in the background is going to be Duran Duran Hungry like the Wolf. That is the kind of funny this film offers. The film starts off with Justice, who is doing her stripper pole dance fully clothed of course, because all strippers never go naked or topless they just call it a strip club because they like the way the name sounds. And she takes a pen and kills a werewolf when she is about to be attacked. They go into a way too long discussion that was meant to be funny about what kind of pen she used to kill the werewolf. Then, the film breaks down the strippers group and tells us on screen each one of the main ones names, and then shows us the werewolves and tells us each of their names.

From the way the werewolves looked, to the humor in this film, it was all a miss. You would think after the pounding he took for how awful Night Wolf was that maybe Jonathan would have been a little more creative and open to offering more this time around. Whereas Night Wolf tended to be so slow burning to the point that you wanted to just stop watching because nothing is happening, this film is so boringly dull that you really just know it cannot get any better. Robert Englund and Sarah Douglas are both veteran actors, and have really made a name for themselves throughout the years, that being said they could not bring life into this film. The sleaze this film does offer just comes across as pathetic and desperate. We have had so many vs. films in the last few years, I love the concept and I think done properly could really produce a great franchise for fans. But, I think some directors often take on too much, and this film is a great example of a concept that should have worked and been a great piece of exploitation goodness, and instead it turned out to be just another concept that we will keep on hoping someone may get right and deliver the film we want to see.

I am not someone who likes to hate a film or get mad at directors, but I am not someone who likes to be promised something by an awesome trailer, and to have to sit thru this. This is a fail on every level, and if I cannot even find one thing positive about a film about strippers, you know this film has a lot of issues.

1 out of 10