Movie Review-Strip Mahjong: Battle Royale

Coming to dvd September 25th

Strip Mahjong? Only can a label like Danger After Dark think of this idea. Mahjong is a game that is played in China and Japan and involves 4 to 5 people who use around 130 something tiles that are based on Chinese culture, like characters and symbols. It is like a game we play called rummy. So, a group of abducted Asian women are forced to play this game and when they lose a round they have to strip for the online show. If they win, they are guaranteed a 10 million purse. But, each round they lose they start to strip.

The plot is silly and very shallow, I mean the selling point to the film is the only thing people want to know, and that is do they get what they see on the cover, and the answer is yes. If you have a sick fetish fantasy for Asian young women, and watching them be stripped or slowly undress, this film could be your film of the year. While most of us, who probably never played Mahjong in our lives, may be confused by the game, the end results are what make the game seem like an afterthought. I am pretty sure with this film they were shooting for a non-American crowd. So if you want to really get into this film, go study or play the game once.

I think for the Danger After Dark label, this is more of the same that fans come to expect, it is extreme and graphic in its nature. While most of their films are this fashion for violence or horror, this film is for nudity. If you are renting this for violence and a horror element, you will be sadly letdown. If you are going into this film for the perverted nature, you will be in heaven. Of course, you know that we will get the lesbian stuff and the very straight forward sexual stuff, if you are looking for soft core bordering on adult, but you can get it from a retail store and not behind a counter, this is probably very close to that as you can get without being full on porn.

I think the title sort of fooled me, I was expecting a Battle Royal deal, where people would die or have to fight to survive, and this film only has one four letter word it avoided, and that was plot. The announcers of the game show were so annoying that at time they hurt more than helped. A film like this and material like this, needed more of a buildup, more of a suspense factor. I would have loved this film to make the nudity mean something and make us as viewers have to work for those scenes, by giving us some characters that were worth following, or at least sympathetic. The women in this film were so shallow and one note, that when they did get naked it was just like watching a walk on scene in porn, where you are like ok naked girl.

In the end, this film delivered on the sexuality, had a ton of eye candy. Other than that, what else could I recommend? The plot was not there, the characters were bland and boring, and the game itself unless you know and have a history of this game, you will feel like they are talking above you, they do not give you no lessons on beginner players, and they do not explain how they are playing until they are about to win a hand. This film was the equivalent of going to see your all-time favorite band live, and they start the show with your favorite song, and then after that they announced they are going to just sit around and not play anymore.

3 out of 10