Movie Review-Snow White and the Huntsman

Coming to dvd and blu ray this Tuesday

I always love Mid-September thru November for Blu Ray shopping. You get the crop of summer films that you know you have to own coming out weekly. I admit after Alice in Wonderland, I was not quite ready for another retelling of a classic fairy tale film. But, Snow White really was a fun film that I really had fun with. Charlize Theron as the evil queen was the casting coup of the year. Chris Hensworth as the Hunstman was another great casting decision. Kristen Stewart as Snow White, on paper seems like a great casting choice, this seems to be the role she was destined for. But, she was just lacking the depth you would expect Snow White to have. I like Kristen, I thought what she did in the role of Joan Jett in The Runaways film was really Oscar worthy, but when you are acting against two brilliantly casted people and you cannot hold your own, the cracks start to show.

For those of you, who are expecting the Disney version of this film, are going to be seriously letdown. This is very dark and sinister almost like the Brothers Grimm telling of the fairytale. The story starts off briefly touching on the history of the evil queen and how she came to power. How she killed the king and her with her brother came into power. We learn Snow White is locked away till the day the queen realizes she needs Snow White’s heart to have life and beauty eternal. Snow White manages to escape into the dark forest. The queen’s men hire a drunken down on his luck Huntsman to go into the woods to get Snow White for the queen on the promise that the queen can resurrect the Huntsman dead wife. When, the Huntsman finds out from Snow White that the queen’s men are lying to him and plan to kill him, he sides with Snow White to stop the queen and this evil ruin over the land she has.

This film tells quite the story, and the set designs and special effects are worth the price of this blu ray alone. The talking mirror effects in this film were very well shot and genuinely added a creepy aspect. Of course, you know you will get the poisoned apple, I thought that whole sequence of the poison apple was such a missed opportunity. It was like the whole sequence from she eating it, to her dying, to her coming back to life, just felt like they were rushing it. It all happened so quickly, that you could not really get a feeling out of it, or feel for Snow White and thinking she may not live. The film ran a little over 2 hours and 11 minutes, the war sequences were long and very well told, but I felt it robbed us by not giving us more of a background or story into the past of the Queen, so we could know what she would do when she married the King. The film just focused more on the flash and the effects, and less on the actual story and characters.

All in all, this is a million times better than I thought it would be. Kristen Stewart as Snow White in doses is watchable, the effects and the casting of the evil queen and huntsman make up for her shortcomings. I would watch this again, and probably even watch it with my teenage niece, I know she is the intended crowd more than I am, but I think we would both have fun with this film. This is a lot of style, and very little substance but it was very fun and I enjoyed it for what it was.

8 out of 10