Movie Review-Sleepless Night

Coming to home video on September 25th

This film all takes place in the period of 24 hours. Vincent and his partner Manuel start off chasing drug dealers. Well, once they catch them they kill one of them, but the other gets away. We, then learn that in addition to stealing drugs, that Vincent and Manuel are police officers. Well, these cops hit the wrong drug dealers, because the local mob boss Marciano wants his cocaine back, and decides to kidnap Vincent’s son. Vincent now knows he has to give back the drugs to save his son, so he gets the drugs and goes to Marciano’s nightclub to give them back. As he goes to arrange a trade with the mob boss, he hides the cocaine in the men’s bathroom, and when he comes back to get it for the trade, it is gone. Now, with the mob out to kill him and his son in peril, Vincent must find a way to find the drugs and save his son.

I will say I really enjoyed this film, but the cover quotes and trailer are very misleading. The action in this film is reminiscent of Die Hard at times, but do not expect this to be an all-out action film, like the trailer and box promise, you will be very letdown. This film plays more like a crime thriller maybe in the vein of 24 or an adrenaline injected episode of CSI. While the pace of this film is frantic, most of the action in this film is Vincent running around looking for the drugs or trying to avoid the mob. The film is French with English Subtitles.

This is an edge of your seat, what will happen next nail biter of a film. The majority of the film takes place in the nightclub as Vincent is racing to find out who stole the drugs from him that he stole from the mob, along the way his coworkers are in the club as well. It seems that the head of the police department and his assistant were following Vincent, and want to stop him from getting the drugs back, which leads into some plot twists and turns that while not making a lot of sense provides some of the more violent and vicious scenes. There is a fight scene in this film between Vincent and his boss that is very well shot and very violent in a Bourne sort of way.

The negatives to this film were the payoff and the ending. It left us with many questions that we thought we would get answers to but did not. The scenes with him and his son were sort of not so good either. The son acts like he is ok and does not come across as being scared or frightened to be captured. And the way he talks and treats his dad, makes you wish Vincent would just not even care about rescuing him. Also, part of a subplot, Vincent is shot in the beginning of the film and all thru this film he is bleeding away from the poorly treated wound. Almost like the sands in an hourglass to try and not only save his son, but himself. All in all, this film did not bore me and I never once looked at any kind of time, this film just entertained me from start to finish, well almost finishing. Maybe add a few more minutes to explain and not leave us on a cliffhanger moment, would have made this ranking a little higher, but nonetheless I will watch this more times and probably recommend this to family members who like suspense and lite action.

8 out of 10