Movie Review-Serving Up Richard

This is the story of a man named Richard whose job just transferred him to California. He tells his wife and family he is going to look for a car, and he does not come back home. So what could have happened to Richard you may ask, well Richard sees a car he likes a lot and meets a guy named Everett Hutchins. Well, Everett and his wife/prisoner Glory have a guest room in their home. When, Everett puts a dart into Richard, the plans are for this couple to get Richard ready to eat, so they lock him in the guest room preparing him for their dinner day by day. When you hear the description you are going to think it is going to be a torture porn, but the truth is it is more like Eating Raoul then it is Hostel. This is another one of those films that we are really not sure why to cheer Richard trying to escape, because when his past is revealed to us, Richard really is no better than his captors.

Richard knew way in advance his company was going to fold in his old town, so he took a transfer to another location and the rest of the employees at his old job lost their jobs and were mad that Richard knew. When the movie gets going, Everett comes across like more of a Hannibal Lecter type mind, more sophisticated than mad. There are a few blood moments, like when Everett shows Richard his fate on another person they abduct, and they kill the man and eat his brain within seconds. As Richard’s time in this place goes on, he gets more and more desperate and has to do more and more things like cut up a body for Everett so that they won’t punish him. The film takes a detour around the 30 minute mark when Everett is leaving for 6 weeks, and Glory is left in charge of watching over Richard. Richard sees in her a woman just like he is, trapped by Everett and tries to coax her into freeing him. When the plan fails, she says that she is under a curse and if Richard can help her break the curse, she can help him escape. All he has to do is become a powerful Shaolin and challenge Everett and kill him when he comes back.

I did not hate this film, but my problem with the film it lacked humor. Some humor in this film would have gone a long way. I just felt that the material needed some bite, a comic bite to it. Like maybe something along the lines of a Fish Called Wanda, the little dark jabs here and there. That being said, I really like this film, but I wanted to love it. The ending was really the selling point to me, I did not see that coming and it worked and had a little humor slant to it. I thought the acting was really good, and the script was smart. This film was slow at times, and sometimes seems to just completely stop, and even though the performances were strong, I just felt that the film needed maybe a little more killing, but what it did offer was both fun and very bloody. I thought the stuff with him trying to be a shaolin should have been more humorous, and that this film really should have made Richard’s peril more of a priority. Like maybe seeing his family freaking out, or the police driving around looking for him. It just seemed that all those things were forgotten, and the film basically became a three people show. Again, I thought the talent was there and so was the script for the most part, and this may appeal to those non horror fans who want to see a drama that has blood elements. That is the one thing I can honestly say about this film, it has mainstream appeal and feels like it wants to be that indie film that just goes to be major, and with any luck it will be. All in all, this was good for the most part, but should have been great.

7.5 out of 10