Movie Review-Seance: The Summoning

Coming to conjure up home video October 2nd

Plot-Marcus works at a morgue; he takes his three friends in a hearse to film at his job. Eva wants to do a séance to talk to her late grandmother, and while Marcus tapes it, she forms a circle with Sara and Joey to talk to her through an Ouija board. Well, something happens during this and freaks Joey out and he breaks the circle and now Joey is possessed by a demon. Well, thank god they have a camera and capture all this on video. It is memories like this, we always try to cherish. This film was produced by Alex Wright whose previous claim to super fame was The First 9 ½ weeks. No not the original, one of the sequels.

Review-Why do films like this exist? Fans are becoming wise to the direct to dvd game that Lionsgate plays, and avoids it. This has all the elements that the others have, the misleading cover, the name drop of a talent off a certain other film. This one gives us a producer from Hellraiser, but tells us nothing else. This film is so long, and so boring that if you can get to the hour mark of the film, is when the film does start to attempt to try and finish strong. Now, keep in mind I did use the word attempt to try, not do. There was maybe 15 minutes of this film that I really thought was standard to ok, but it really is nothing more than just another film that is just like another film and another. This film has no identity and nothing to really set it apart from the others.

There is a scene when they have a character named Sara who gets locked into a freezer and is freaking out so bad, that made me think that this film was going to get going but the reveal and the attitude behind it, was so lame that it killed what the scene could have been. There is also a scene that Eva tries to talk to the demon inside Joey, while he is tied up that is so laugh out loud bad that you guys are going to regret any dime you put into getting this film to buy or rent. “I am speaking to the spirit inside Joey, but keep in mind you are under hypnosis and you have to talk, you really have to”. Bad, just awful acting and script, this film had the depth of a mud puddle. I am supposed to know my role in blogging and know that directing is a skilled profession that should be respected. That being said, I think any of us with the budget he was given could have pulled this film off and even better.

I will put this with that awful Night Wolf, Knock Knock 2, as another one of the worst films I have seen this year put out by Lionsgate. The actors in this film all come across as boring and just bland. They could have been anyone, and you almost feel that they are reading the script or lack of one, as they go thru the film. This film is the equivalent of going on a date and hoping to score with one of your grandmother’s bingo friends. As I type this review, I can hear the cash registers just ringing.

1 out of 10