Movie Review-Re-Animator

Coming to blu ray and dvd this Tuesday

Re-Animator is one of the greatest horror films ever. Directed by Stuart Gordon, Jeffrey Combs plays the crazy scientist Herbert West. Hebert does these experiments that center around the re-animation of dead tissue. In his demented mind he thinks he has found the cure to beat death and is so anxious to try it on a human being instead of keep on going with animals. In his mind, because he used it successfully on animals, he thinks he has just cemented himself into genius. Herbert as we learn is out to revolutionize modern medicine and has very good intentions, or so we think. We watch how a normal everyday scientist loses his sanity and his descent into pure madness. When he introduces his rather hesitant fellow student Dan Cain played by Bruce Abbott to his crazy experiments is when the film really gets going. Herbert along with Dan are out to prove that death is not the end, and you just know they will regret very soon trying to prove this.

When people talk about horror films, it is always Evil Dead, The Exorcist, The Omen, Jaws, and etc. but seem to forget about Re-Animator. Re-Animator is that film I remember seeing in my teens that just from the first watching you knew you were experiencing something different that would be considered a cult classic if not masterpiece down the line. I owned the original double disc Millennium edition, and when I watched the Anchor Bay release it was a little bit better in terms of picture quality, but I would have loved to see so much more in terms of special features. Talk about a film that is in need of a documentary. In the last few years, we have seen the horror documentaries go up in terms of quality and being love letters to the diehard fans. I am such a fan of this film, that I really liked the other two sequels also. Which, Anchor Bay you may want to throw some love their way and get them on blu ray someday? Maybe..

I know with the horror genre there is always rumors and stories about remakes and sequels. Re-Animator was supposed to have the 4th entry as Herbert West tries to be President of the US. And then, there were rumors of a remake with a who’s who wanting to direct. I can just say as a die-hard fan leave well enough alone, give us a long documentary with all involved and that would satisfy the last trip dipping into this film. We have now had how many dvd releases, 5 from 5 different companies in the last 18 years? The film if you do not own it yet, I would say this will be the cheapest one to buy. I know some dvd stores are offering the dvd on the cheap as does Amazon. So, if you need an excuse to buy this classic here it is. Anchor Bay really did a great job, but for all of you who already own it, I think the blu ray may be well worth the final dip.

10 out of 10