Movie Review-R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series, Vol.1 and Vol. 2

Robert Lawrence Stine (aka R.L. Stine) is hailed by parents as a Stephen King for kids’ books. When I was a manager at a bookstore, I know that these books were still as popular today as they were when they first came out. But, to be honest I never read any of the books and before today never watched anything he has done before. In 2010, the Hub cable channel debuted the Haunting Hour which is based off his book series calling the same. What you get is a collection of short stories. What I noticed right from the get go is each episode is around 20 or so minutes and has some money to throw around on some cool special effects and decent enough acting.

Really You is our first story, and it is a two part episode to start the disc. It focuses on Lilly who is a spoiled brat who basically knows how to work her parents to get them to do anything for her. What she really seems to want is this life sized Really You doll. As you can guess, the doll changes things when mom seems to be possessed and obsessed with it, and Lilly knows that the things that are happening around her is all because of the doll. Things get really odd when Lilly seems to figure out that the doll wants to become her.

The next tale was called The Creature was Stirring. This is set during the holiday of Christmas. A family is going thru some very rough times, but the two older kids are so damn greedy and show their asses when they do not get the right presents. Also while these bastards do not appreciate anything, their parents are on the verge of divorce. Well, the young kid Timmy sends Santa a note begging for help. Well, a blizzard traps them inside the house and there is a strange gift under the tree in the form of a gremlin. Now, the family must put aside all the drama and try to survive.

The first disc has a lot more but the truth is The Dead Body, was a little too intense for kids. With the bullying that happens in this film, and the premise that one of the characters is dead and a ghost, may be too much for kids.
While disc two offers stories that are more or less the same as one, this was harmless if you have teens who are too young for shows like Creepshow or not ready for Twilight Zone.

All in all, I am not a fan of Goosebumps or any of the books, and I am not so sure this would make me want to rush out and get them at all. While my 15 year old niece may the target audience for this, I was hoping that it would at least offer me something that I could get behind and want to watch more and read. Sadly this did not. I am not saying this is awful by any means; it just was not for me in the long run. I liked it for what it was, but it does not inspire me to watch more.

5 out of 10