Movie Review-Occupy Unmasked

Occupy Unmasked is a powerful documentary about the message and shedding light on the group of protesters who went to Wall Street, took a stand on the Brooklyn Bridge and around the world assembled for their intolerance for Capitalism and Christianity. This documentary show clearly distrust for the system that promises hope and change but never seems to tell us what is involved in creating this for us. As our great grandfathers told us the horror of the crashing of Wall Street in 1929 and creating Black Friday which at the time was the biggest depression reported in US History. Today, we are at a total of 14.3 trillion in debt and proposed to raise the debt ceiling to put us more in debt, and this is what starts off our film, the debate and argument of putting us in even more debt. Most of you who read us were born and raised during the Carter era. The era when Jimmy wanted peace, and for all of us to get along and the first sign of trouble wanted out of office as quick as possible. From there, we went to Ronald Reagan who got our people home from being captured and held hostage for a long time. But, with Reagan’s no hold war stance also came the first time in US History that the 1 percent of society, got tax breaks and paid less taxes. Reagan clearly looked out for his own people, the elite and Hollywood. In the process, the middle and lower class were hit hard by taxes and had to foot the world ills. We were the source for charity and fixing the world ills. I know this documentary points the finger at the Obama campaign and camp for all our problems, but you would have to be stupid not to think Bush had these problems and just kept on borrowing against money he did not have to keep this fate from happening. Well, what do you do when you get into office and cannot borrow anymore? The American people were outraged and wanted to rally, to protest and they assembled peacefully at first but as this documentary goes on, you learn that we only know half of the story. This film and the views do not go just on the side of assemble and rally; it goes on the view of what really was going on with these people and their plight.

There was a scene in the film that I will say right now, summed up my views perfectly. Michael Moore who is an attention starved skewed view whore, went out to the Wall Street Occupy to speak about the people being so right in their views, that this group of people or that group of people should put money into this and that, and one of the guys ask Michael well you have over 50 million in the last 3 years, why don’t you donate something since you are so passionate, Finally, someone calls out these whore stars who come on TV and demand that we donate, that the banks and government help out, well the finger should be pointed on a celebrity as well. Clint Eastwood is on TV crying for us and how bad the debt is, but fuck Clint you have netted over 600 million dollars in the last 5 years with your other money, why not show us how much you are affected throw us 200 million to 400 million, that you will get back before you die. This film also paints some of the Occupy people as clueless as to what is truly going on and why they are there, and also exposes some of them as trust fund kids who have no worries. Also, there are claims of rape that were never investigated by the security of the group, and you see those destroying buildings and attacking police. They would be so racist to police of color and nationality. How does this help our predicament? I just know this financial war, will slowly but surely develop into another race war; you just see that on the horizon. It is true we need economic equality, but we also need a peaceful way of achieving it. When hospitals are laying off medical staff and banks are going thru name changes daily, you just know how affected this recession has hit us all. One time the movie theater was thought as a escape from reality, today it is a place that the privilege go to escape the meek and their cries for help. When you have a message and you are telling it thru drugs, rape and destruction your message loses its meanings and comes across as a threat that needs to be neutralized. All in all, this film has a very powerful message and will have you talking long after it ends about what is truly the message told here. Michael Moore, who used his own home town and their plight to make him a millionaire, never gave a damn about anyone but himself. And his packaged message is just like the others, it is a falsehood that is made to more make you think they are on your side, as some kinds of silent messiah but in reality, they are just like congress they want to make a dime off of all of us.

9 out of 10