Movie Review-Night Claws

Scratching its way to home video December 11th

Plot-Welcome to the small town of Morningside, on the surface this seems like just your ordinary small town but they seem to have a big problem, Sasquatch is loose in their woods. An anthropologist named Sara Evans comes to town and knows it exists while everyone else in town beside the town drunk laugh at this situation and just assume there is a madman on the loose. Well, you have Sharon Farmer leading a group of two couples on a survivalist weekend in the woods, a group of the town locals who want to take arms and find out what is going on for themselves, and you have 3 guys who are not local but seem to have an agenda as well with this creature, all the while the local sheriff and his girlfriend deputy try to make heads and tails out of what is causing all this havoc in their peaceful little town and keep it under wraps so it will not ruin its annual Pumpkin Fest.

Review-What can you say about a David A. Prior film? If you are familiar with his earlier work, you know the man has a good time behind the lens and gives you some b movie fun, if you are not familiar with his work, you may want to seek out some of his films in the heyday of the direct to dvd boom like Raw Justice which had Pamela Anderson, or Raw Nerve and one of my favorites Future Zone. Night Claws is what you would expect from a low budget Bigfoot film. You know the acting is going to be bad, but you hope it at least has a cheese factor that makes you have fun with it anyway, and this film does. I mean, when the couples go into the woods for this peaceful retreat, the two men start to argue and threaten each other within seconds, and the one guy tells his wife to shut up constantly. What a retreat? Also, they bring guns on this retreat. Sharon explaining this trip was so funny, she was the most detailed person I have ever heard in my life. Frank Stallone has one of the top billings, but fear not he is in this film for a blink of an eye and gone. At first the only person to believe Sara on this Bigfoot creature is the local drunk named Cooter. This film is one of those films you have to shut your brain and common sense off for to fully get and enjoy. Now, you get a semi decent amount of Sasquatch scenes, which were for the most part what you would expect from a low budget film.
I mean the first five minutes of the film with the young couple making out and then getting killed, if you sit thru that and enjoy it, the rest of the film is basically more of the same. I always thought of David as a local Roger Corman, and I know this man with a budget never fails to deliver some really good cheese and b movie delight. The film breaks into three different parts, you have the one part where the scientist comes to town with her theories and shakes up the town, the other where the people are out in the woods to go hiking and cannot even co-exist with each other and the last where you have this group of guys who you are not sure about their intentions but you know they are not good, and you wish you knew more from the get-go about. The attacks, b movie acting and the script were more than enough to keep you guys interested. I even came up with my own tagline…” Just when you thought it was safe to go into the b movie woods”.. The film is not a fail, just know what you are getting yourself in for before you watch it.

6.5 out of 10