Movie Review-My Trip to Al-Qaeda

Coming to dvd this Tuesday

I remember when September 11th happened, I had a nephew who overslept that morning for a job interview on the 79th floor of the trade center, and was so upset that he had to rush to get there and then all of a sudden, and he thought he drove thru Baghdad and not New York anymore. It was the most unreal moment of most of our lives, and as bad as that event was the days that followed were even worst. Our nation was in fear of this happening again, and the kings of propaganda would spin their stories to hurt the victim’s even worst of this tragedy. It seems at America’s darkest hours there are always some idiots who make it their soapbox drama and try to make a dollar. Whether Bush had anything to do with this attack, or that the towers were planning on falling anyway, does it really matter? What do you expect us to do, go to the White House in 2001 with pitchforks and rebellion galore and take Bush out of the office? I love how those shock jocks and tv personalities can sit back in their million dollar contracts and program so many people as to how to think and speak. When I heard word of another 9/11 documentary, I really was not caring to see it. I mean we seen Bin Laden, and had our fill with Al-Qaeda enough for one lifetime. I have seen every side of this tragedy and know that there were so many killed for no reason, so to revisit this tragedy one more time was not a top priority.

Knowing this, going into this film I cleared my head of all that I was told before and gave it a chance and really glad I did. This film centers on Lawrence Wright, who is this one man show that details the history of Al-Qaeda. Lawrence is a journalist who also was a teacher at one time, and one of his students was one of the terrorists on the plane that went into the trade center. Lawrence also wrote the screenplay to the Bruce Willis film The Siege as well as wrote a book called The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11. We learn before each night he goes on stage to do his show, he puts on a perfume he got from his trip to remind him of how all the men smelled and the remembrances of his time there. He uses news footage, interviews and a lot of information that may be new to most of us. It tells us that we had warning signs years earlier when Al-Qaeda took the film The Siege as a mocking, and retaliated and killed many leading up to 9/11. Where other people offered closed minded and absurd theories as to what happened, this film truly does not offer any theories but shows you the history and how this event felt more like fate that all sides knew this would happen.

All in all, maybe years from now our next Earth would look at this tragedy like most of us look at events like Black Friday, Titanic and Slavery. While most Americans think they know the answers more than the rest of us, and most are being led by propaganda leaders who are so idiotic in their views, that they think you can beat hate with hate. Maybe a film like this would show you a side to this tragedy that is less likely to raise a debate and more likely to show us how this could be prevented from ever happening again. This is a must watch.

8.5 out of 10