Movie Review-Karate-Robo Zaborgar

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I have a soft spot in my heart for director Noboru Iguchi, I was a huge fan of The Machine Girl, Robo-Geisha, Mutant Girl Squad and etc. The plot in this film is pretty odd but I will do my best to sort it out for you guys. The film centers around Police officer Yutaka Daimon, and how hell bent he is to stop a Cyborg Organization that is called Sigma. We learn that Yutaka was a twin, and that his brother died years earlier. The film opens with a character from the Sigma named Miss Borg who is out to help Sigma get the entire DNA off of Japan’s leaders. They have these bots that suck the DNA out of someone with a kiss.

Well that is where Yutaka comes in; he is dead set to stop this from happening. He is bent on revenge with the Organization; as well learn thru a flashback they killed his father. Well, as he watched his father die, he also found out his dad finished an experiment that involved the DNA of Yutaka’s twin that died years earlier, that experiment was known as Zaborgar. It is a motorcycle that can transform into a robot that is an expert in karate and has all these insane gadgets and weapons. Together they are out to stop Sigma, until Yutaka falls in love with Miss Borg. This love puts a wedge in between the team of Yutaka and his brother. As the film plays out we fast forward to 25 years later, and Yutaka is now a chauffeur for a crooked Prime Minister, but Sigma has different plans and will unleash a new terror upon the world and can our brothers get along, to stop this force from destroying the planet?

This film felt like homage to 70’s superhero and transformer films. And it was an absolute fun time, not as violent as The Machine Girl, but you still get the insane kills, the rockets out of the breasts, and to see a grown man breast feed a child. You know this film is going to have the blood that flows like water nonstop, and the almost anime cartoon violence that you come to love from these films. The premise of a motorcycle karate robot may seem a little farfetched but with what these people have been known for in the last few years, on their planet this is just sanity. Like The Machine Girl, and Tokyo Gore Police I think the running time hurts more than helps, it just seems that to try and go 2 hours is asking a lot of the viewer. I am not saying this film is bad or boring, but I am saying that maybe cut this film about ten minutes and it would not feel like it is trying to stretch it out. But, again I liked this film enough to watch it a few times, and own it, but I just felt with the characters and what it tried to do, that ten minutes less would have helped more than hurt.

All in all I liked this film; I just felt like a few scenes should have been cut a little to make the film flow easier and better, but if you liked everything they have hit you with so far, you will like this as well.

8 out of 10