Movie Review-Hypothermia

Coming to home video October 5th

Plot-Ray takes his family on a peaceful getaway to ice fish. Right away, Ray notices that the ice has soft spots and there is a dead coyote in front of a hole that is in the ice. He thinks nothing of it till he meets a father and son that are also there to ice fish. Well, the father and son make some loud noises and vibrations with their vehicles, and Ray notices along with the others there is something under the water. At first they think it is a big fish like a sturgeon. Soon enough, the monster runs out of food under the ice and now wants to come above the ice for human beings.

Review-The film runs a little under 72 minutes and it takes around 43 minutes to get our first glimpses of the monster. Notice, I said glimpses. I think if the acting and script were better, I would not have minded the long wait on the monster, but the acting in this film is just awful and so boring. You just know the long build up to give you monster scenes, what to expect when you do get the monster. I love movies that build their plot around a monster that the director knows will be a letdown and wait it out till he knows he has to unleash this monster. All you really get to see of the monster in the whole film is the face and the shadow that I assume is supposed to be the body. The film spent the first half hour focusing on when Ray (played by Michael Rooker) falls into the water thru the ice, which was an odd scene to really start the movie off with. The scene went on so long, and really built no suspense or drama, it was just a wasted opportunity and no monster or really any hint of danger. The first half hour of this film was just such a slow burn that was building up this forced tension, they tried so hard to sell you on their peril and their predicament but it just felt like Jaws-lite without the fear or suspense that film had.

The film from the 48 minute mark to the hour mark is the strongest part of the film. That is when you get the kills, the gore and blood and see the most of this monster. I will not talk about the last ten minutes, which involves a fight scene that for the life of me felt like a joke and made me hate myself so much more for sticking it out with this film, and then the final confrontation which made no sense whatsoever, and when I thought they would give us help with that situation, here comes the end and credits. No way, you cannot stop the film with a ending that given the way the film was playing out, made no sense and was absolutely the worst ending I witnessed this year. You know Rooker and the Monster are going to fight, when I mentioned a fight scene that came across as a joke, this was the one. The film built up to it, and this fight came and went so fast, that if I blinked I would have never figured out what happened, or did it happen. This film has 12 minutes or less that I would recommend all of you to watch, but what you have to go thru to get there and endure after, would frustrate all of you.

When I first saw the debut trailer for this film, I was stoked about it. Then, 2 years came and went, and now this film just popped up after all that quiet, I should have known there was a reason. Rooker is a great actor, and I know he will omit this on the resume. This film felt so incomplete, so unsure of itself. This film felt like it was ashamed of itself and just wanted to release and then disappear just as fast. The other actors in the film were bland to awful, even when a character gets attacked; they cannot pull it off and come across still as boring. This seems like one of those mockbusters that come out when a major film is about to hit, if that is the case they should have held out and waited for the remake of Creature from the Black Lagoon. This film is a cruel joke, a very bad and cruel joke. Avoid at all costs.

2 out of 10