Movie Review-Hellbound?

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Plot-This documentary is about the existence of hell and what we have to do that is so bad that we are punished and go there. Kevin Miller, interviews a who’s who of personalities to bring more insight to this topic.

Review-Right from the start this film will get to you. This film gives you a message that could perceived in the opening minutes as one of confusion and hate. The film opens with 9/11 and the horror of that day. We see Christians with protest sign that spew all kinds of hate that make you question what they teach people in the church these days. When they interview some of the protesters you know then that this film is going to give you a fair look at both sides of the coin, and will anger you. The religious one and the non-religious, and will let you judge for yourself which one you follow. That is one thing this film really captures, it does not try to make you lean one way or another and is fair to both sides of the discussion. Though, to hear a Christian woman tell the camera that Jesus made 9/11 as a statement against what is happening on Earth, and has a sign at the place the towers once stood saying “ God hates fags” really shows what I believe religion has been throughout history, the divider of man, woman and nation. When she explains that Jesus made it a point to create the people who would take down the towers as a way of being a javelin in the sky for what is right, was really a weird view even for an American. Now if maybe someone not American born and raised said that, I would expect it, but from our own people? Seriously, does the Church think the people died in 9/11 because God wants to get back at us?

The views in the opening of this film from the religious were not based on religion, or god based, they cannot be esp. in the first ten minutes, no one is that warped, but I think this is their weird way of showing their love of their own God, Icon- in fear of being sacrificed to some hate death. The film goes thru a lot of different people with views on hell, and what causes such a punishment. It talks to pastors, authors, former pastors, and a lot of surprises like David Vincent of Morbid Angel, and Glen of Decide. Again, I am shocked that all sides of this topic were presented so professional, and let the viewer’s judge for themselves what side of the coin they are on.

The negatives are few, with a documentary like this you know they are going to try and be safe, and cater to everyone. And this seems a little watered down at times, like people had to hold back their real feelings to make it more acceptable for people to view this film, but had no issue letting the religious brainwashed in the start be as open and free as needed. I felt some of the people they interviewed were boring and offered nothing really new to the discussion. What I mean is some of these people had the same conversations; me and you would have if we met and talked about this. I wanted these people with their backgrounds and smarts, to give me some new insight and maybe draw more conclusions that would make me question and think more. People will say, “Do we really need a documentary about hell”? My answer is yes, we know that no one truly knows the real answer, well the ones alive anyway. But, when you get so many people that were either bible trained, or raised to believe, or studied in school about hell, it is interesting to see that people are just like us, and contemplate about subjects that define existence. The funny thing, you have two heavy metal Satanist musicians talking on here, and the ones with the most hateful message were the Christians. To see, what church is teaching these people that God seems to have a violent and hate filled message, is so wrong and misguided. Let’s be honest, there has to be a meaning of existence and someone put all of us here, whether it is a god or we won some contest will be revealed when we die, but I refuse to think that I am put on this earth to preach hate and judge everyone because a book told me I have to.

This film will anger and enrage viewers with its honesty and the message you see on screen, just the first ten minutes alone will get all of your attention and have you starring at the screen now believing this is how our society functions today. All in all, this was a very good film despite the few negatives, but I would recommend everyone to seek it out.

8 out of 10