Movie Review-Excision

Coming to dvd and blu ray on October 16th

Teenage years can be a time of awkwardness and rebellion, wait till you meet Pauline. Pauline is a very dark and demented young teenager who is delusional and thinks she is going to be a surgeon and have a career in medicine. When she is not stuck in a dream land that borders on insanity she is rebelling against her family and school. If you combined early Todd Solondz with early David Cronenberg this is what you could expect. This film tackles the teenage years and what makes them so awkward in such a dark and cynical way, that it just sucks you in almost instantly. This film is dark, from its tone to both its material and humor. The characters in this film are very well written and we get so much depth with the actors that you know this script had to be fun to write. There is a scene in the movie when Pauline has decided she wants to lose her virginity, and wants to do it while she is on her period. So she finds the popular boy at school Adam and just bluntly tells him, “I want you to help me lose my virginity”. If that was not awkward enough, during sex she forgets to tell him or does not care too that she is on her period and asks him to go down on her, which leads to one of the more disgusting and cruel moments of the film. She has it in her head that she is going to be self-taught how to be a surgeon and practice medicine and feels she never has to go to any classes to learn. She has a member of the church who tries to help her with her issues, (who was played by the always incredible John Waters) and she has more issues than even he can handle.

I found myself laughing a lot at this film, Traci Lords plays her mother and she is some kind of religious do good mother who cannot understand or get where her daughter is coming from. Where other directors would have screwed up and tried to keep Traci funny, this film made her both funny at times and very sad and cruel at others. They made the mother more than some one dimensional character, and Traci really pulled it off. This is quite possibly the best thing Traci has done in a very long time, and if she is not on a Oscar Ballot it is a crime. It is her baby sister Grace that seems to be the only thing that touches Pauline. We learn that Grace is sick and later in the film, because Pauline learned by a book that she might be able to save a dead bird, she thinks she can save Grace. The dream sequences vary from making out with dead bodies to a weird abortion and other very visual and disturbing things. This film does not overstay its welcome, and is so fun and cutting edge. I love the dark undertone to this whole film and it sucked me in from start to finish. The negatives about this film are so easy, there are no special features. You get the before the film two trailers that looked like more fun films coming soon, but this film needed a director’s commentary so bad, just to hear what the director thought about how this film ended. I would have loved a making of featurette just to see the stars on set; you had to know making this film was a blast. All in all, this can be thought of like the anti-Juno. I really loved this film, and I feel that this film could be a great name on this upcoming Oscars ceremony.

10 out of 10