Movie Review-Cross Bearer

If you want to know why I love talking about indie horror films so much, all I have to say is watch Cross-Bearer and you will get a good clue. I love when films know there are lines and boundaries in films, and truly just do not give a fuck. To describe the film Cross-Bearer would be easy seedy, disgusting, vile, an orgy of sex and death, gritty underground guerilla filmmaking that for 71 minutes will kick your ass. For indie fans, let me help you a little more this is what The Orphan Killer promised us and did not have the talent or balls to pull off. The Cross-Bearer is this tall hooded man that resembles a cross between The Town that Dreaded Sundown and Friday the 13th Part 2. The Friday reference is funny because one of the characters in this film actually references the film during a scene that made me think that the people behind this film knew the comparisons would be made, and were more than willing to make fun of it.

The Cross-Bearer character seems to be on this religious kick about trying to clean up society. He does it by killing with a hammer very violently one damaged demon seed at a time. I guess in his eyes, he is trying to make the so called society victimizers, his victims. Do not expect a background story into why he is doing it, or who he is, and that fit this film perfectly. This film skipped the foreplay and just gave the acts, and when there was not violent bludgeoning of the non-believers there was either drug use or sex. So this film knew the fan base it was aiming for, and I feel they won’t be letdown at all. Around the half hour the film breaks into a plot of Heather and her 4 friends going into a warehouse to make some money. This one big score will be all they need for that life away from this hell life and that is when they come face to face with their judgment day and have to get away and survive.

If I had to have any negatives about this film, I did not like the final few minutes. I felt this film had so much steam, and just hit that gas pedal so hard, why all of a sudden stop and end it like this. I wanted this film to go out with a bang, and it went out with a whimper. Now, keep in mind this film will probably be worn out before next week, of me having to watch it again and again because I absolutely loved this film and the director’s commentary with some of the talent behind the film, was just as fun. Though, the commentary is just like this film, it is so over the top and all over the place that you can just tell these people are so stoked about this film and want to share it with anyone who will listen. Again, this is a film that knows the horror market and what kind of fan base it wants to attract, and this film will get that fan base talking. Think if Friday the 13th and Sweatshop had a bastard child that would be Cross-Bearer.

The script to this film, seriously when you see what is happening on the screen, you really are not thinking about what pearls of wisdom these characters will spew, you want to see how extreme the scenes will get and they deliver an extreme that people will really have fun with. This is a slasher film that absolutely knows no bounds and grabs you by your throat and does not let you go. After watching this film, I need to take a bath and wash off all the grime and seek out therapy. I am impressed by this film, seek this film out The Cross Bearer is for real. This is not the future of film, this is today and right fucking now.

9 out of 10