Movie Review-Bait 3D

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the video store or any retail outlet…September 18th on Home Video this is swimming your way.

Plot-A year earlier, in what started as a regular day at the beach turns into an event that changes all those involved and their lives. Josh and his friend Rory go to the beach, and Rory goes surfing in the great Australian water. Well, as Josh and Rory’s girlfriend start to talk about their upcoming wedding, the lifeguard sees a 12 foot great white attack a swimmer in the ocean, and calls for everyone to get back on shore. As you can guess Rory is too far out and cannot hear or see what is going on, so Josh takes a water ski and races out to save him, and fails. The film fast forwards to a year later and Josh has let Rory’s death chase away his fiancée and ruin his life. Well, when Josh goes to work at the grocery store and he sees his ex-again for the first time since this freak accident. It just so happens, it is the same day as the store is being robbed, and also a freak tsunami is going to hit. When the Tsunami hits, the store is flooded in water from the beach, and as the water rises so does what is in the water. Just when Josh and the survivors thought they faced the worst with what mother nature did, they soon realize there are 2 sharks in the water, and very hungry as they are trapped inside the store.

Review-I love sharks, and I will watch anything that gives me fishy goodness. This film is the equivalent of junk food, and as most people love junk food as a quick hungry fix, I liked this film as a quick shark horror fix. I was letdown by the last few shark films, Shark Night was god awful, and the syfy channel made films were bad beyond bad. This reminded me of an indie Deep Blue Sea, and it offers so much shark goodness, that fans of sharks will have fun with this as well. This film gives you gore and blood galore, and it creates what I love these films for- that uneasy tension that you know any minute someone hits that water, they are the target and you are wondering on the edge of your seat when they will meet their fate. While elements of this film like the grocery store setting was very clever and would come into play in the film, some of the plot holes to this film were so brain numbing that as the finale starts to unfold there are certain directions this film starts to go that make no sense.

There is a scene in this film where one of the characters takes the store buggy and creates like a wire suit to wear in the water, it was little things like that, that really showed the directors and writers put a lot of thought behind this film. Like Deep Blue Sea and LL Cool J, this film also mixes some humor in as well, that really shows this film is not trying to be serious but to have fun. This film has one other major flaw, that the plot before the tsunami hits out of the blue, was so piled on, you are telling me that fate in a store in one day, would have two robberies, you see an ex who moved away to Singapore and that with no warning a Tsunami out of the blue just hits? This film tried to build the characters to create an interest, but I felt it should have been more logical, and maybe less character building and more trying to create the fear that a Tsunami is coming, and that the sharks are coming with it? This goes to show you how all of a sudden this film was, the birds knew but none of the underwater life did? How can this be, I always thought underwater life were the first to sense bad weather and would travel away from it before birds? Why am I trying to talk logic in this review, it is horror?

As far as Shark films go, I would rank this maybe an inch below Deep Blue Sea. If you are a fan of the fin, you would really have fun with this film, but you may want to shut your brain off before you watch it. But, keep in mind with the shark stuff this is not The Reef or Open Water, some of the shark stuff is cheesy and goofy, but to me it added to the fun.

8 out of 10