Metal Review: Wodensthrone – Curse (2012)

Wodensthrone - Curse (2012)Way back in 2009 (at least it seems like an eternity ago), Wodensthrone released the critically acclaimed Loss and fans began to circle the wagons begging for more. Three years later, Wodensthrone is back with Curse, and with this latest release, Wodensthrone seems to be back stronger than ever.

Curse does not take long to set up at all. From the opening intro, The Remaining Few, which lasts an entire 42 seconds, the stage is set with this folk/pagan opening. Once Jormungandr opens up after the intro, the aural assault begins. Picking and choosing from elements of pagan metal to black metal and extreme metal. The demonic riffs and dark melodies fill your ears with errie sounds and uplifting tones all at the same time.

Some of the harmonies playing off from violin pieces to guitar melodies are spot on and add that extra oomph of power the songs ever moreso than they already have. Extended guitar harmony pieces infused with various other instruments make tracks epic while the vocals are sharp and raspy, which is just what is needed.

The biggest surprise to me with Curse was that the album holds up vocally as well. Branwulf’s departure initially gave us the impression that Wodensthrone was going to call it a day, but instead, the remaining members split vocal duties amongst themselves and the songs are all the better for those performances. The vocals range from growls to chants to clean vocals and all aspects of the vocals are handled aptly.

Overall, Curse hits all of the right buttons and comes at you with a rare blend of ferocity and beauty all at once. The level of aggression has been stepped up and Wodensthrone will have to seriously work their asses off to top this one.

Wodensthrone Line-up:
Richard “Wildeþrýð” Brass – guitar, vocals
Gerádwine – bass
Ian “Hréowsian” Finley – drums, percussion, vocals
Chris “Rædwalh” Walsh – guitar, vocals
Michael “Árfæst” Blenkarn – keyboards

Curse Track Listing:
01. The Remaining Few
02. Jormungandr
03. First Light
04. The Great Darkness
05. Battle Lines
06. Wyrgthu
07. The Storm
08. The Name Of The Wind