Metal Review: The Gathering – Disclosure (2012)

The Gathering - DisclosureI will have to put this out there right away. I am a huge fan of Anneke van Giersbergen. Her voice and her presence is what made The Gathering what they are to me. It is hard to believe that she has not been a part of The Gathering in five years now and perhaps even harder to believe that they are in their twenty-third year as a band.

With Disclosure, The Gathering brings us their tenth full-length studio release with a confirmed North American street date of September 25th via Psychonaut Records. The Dutch atmospheric metal band is not metal anymore. Their roots were death/doom metal, but they are more of an atmposheric/alternative rock band now. I will not lie that I am much more of a fan of their earlier to mid-90s stuff than what they are putting out now.

As far as the vocals go, Anneke van Giersbergen is irreplacable, but Silje Wergeland does have a nice voice as well. Her voice is featured on most of the tracks since they are at the forefront of the mix. Very infrequently, they feature the guitars anymore. There is a nice breakdown about midway through Meltdown, but that is quickly halted and replaced with keyboards and then a complete stall to any progression that the song had.

Overall, Disclosure gets very repetitive whether it is between songs or even within each song. There is a lot of repetition in the lyrics and the riffs. I was really hoping for (much) more from The Gathering. 2009’s The West Pole did not do much for me, but I am sad to say that Disclosure is doing even less.

Now in their twenty-third year as a band, and having sold over a million records worldwide to date, this next step in the band’s process was produced by founding member René Rutten, mainly taking place in the THE GATHERING’s own home studio, with segments recorded at additional studios abroad, the final product then mixed by Guido Aalbers (Coldplay, Muse, Counting Crows, 16 Horsepower). This is the worldwide renowned outfit’s second album with Norwegian vocalist Silje Wergeland — who debuted her talents on their The West Pole LP released in 2009 – her sensual vocals for the new album recorded by Herbrand Larsen of Enslaved. The handcrafted cover art was created by Chilean artist Carlos Vergara Rivera.

“Disclosure is the most personal soundscape the band has ever made, both lyrically and musically,” stated The Gathering keyboardist Frank Boeijen, who presents himself vocally for the first time on Disclosure. “The album is a great marriage between electronic and organic sounds, and has a wide range of colorful songs. With long, epic songs, we stayed close to ourselves. We are incredibly proud of this album which is a reflection of what we do best, and our urge for experimentation. Every band says the same thing about their new album, but we think we’ve made our best album yet.”

The Gathering Line-up:
Silje Wergeland – vocals
Frank Boeijen – keyboards, vocals
Marjolein Kooijman – bass
Hans Rutten – drums
René Rutten – guitars

The Gathering