Metal Review: Meshuggah – Koloss (2012)

Meshuggah - KolossI am pretty much hit or miss with Meshuggah. I like a lot of what they do, but at the same time am not a fan for some of the things that they do. They always just seemed like they wanted to be a poor man’s Pantera from everything to the vocals to the riffing style. Of course, they also add a lot more downtuning and various time signatures which set them apart a bit though. For the record, I have always been a standard time frame guy and will always be.

I know that there are a lot of die-hard Meshuggah fans out there, but they have never done anything for me. Musically, most of the songs sound the same, and vocally, they do not sit well with me at all.

I am Colossus is a disjointed song and sums up most of what I do not like about Meshuggah. Nothing seems to fit with this track. It is an awkward track to open the album with and really does nothing for. The song has one gear and sticks with that gear throughout the entire track. There are standout moments on the song at all, and it seems like a strange tone to set for the remainder of the album.

The next track is The Demon’s Name is Surveillance, which is one of the dumbest titles that I have ever heard. The track has a little more to give us. The drums are more along the lines of what we expect from them and are pretty solid throughout. The riffwork is a little more varied as well, but the vocals are really this song back.

Most of the tracks are decent, but a lot of them are just there and do not seem to contribute to the betterment of the album in any way.

By no means is Koloss a bad album, but it seems as if Meshuggah is not really doing anything different and they are content with rehashing the same type of songs over and over again. While that is fine with some bands (not that I am really fine with it though), with their style, they really need to keep pushing the boundaries. There are more metal bands than ever right now, and it seems like Meshuggah is happy with being part of the pack and not with trying to be leaders of the pack.


  • JamesD

    I know it is against popular belief, but I so agree with you. I will put them in the same catagory as bands like Tool and Radiohead, in terms of their popularity hurt them more than helped. When these bands expanded their fanbase, their sound suffered for it. It seems the last three Meshuggah cds sound so much alike, that I do not know if they are even putting out new music, but to just re-release the same song with a different name. When Rolling Stone covers your band it is the kiss of death for metal, because then the label will tell the band that they have this door opened and needs to change their sound to appeal to this broad audience. I seen them open for Slayer in 1997, and they were very amazing but I feel today if I saw them live it would be like seeing Tool in their heyday. That the college jocks are going to be telling you how intense this cd is, and me sitting there thinking that I would rather be at the Kreator show down the road.