Metal Review: Fozzy – Sin and Bones (2012)

Fozzy - Sin and BonesFozzy seems to get the short end of stick when you talk about bands that try to bring back that classic metal sound. It seems like other bands are praised for trying to bring that classic sound back, but Fozzy is not taken seriously. I am sure that it is for the fact that WWE superstar Chris Jericho fronts the band. If you cannot stand wrestling, then your mind will already be made up on the band because you assume that the band will be a joke. That is really not the case with Fozzy. While I was not a fan of the early stuff, their previous release was a well contructed album that I enjoyed for a couple of weeks. I have not went back to it since, but I am sure that I would have the same feeling if I did. In regards to Chris Jericho, he has always been a metal fan and you can tell from the band if you give it a chance.

The first thing that I noted about Sin and Bones is that the product sounds much better than previous releases. The next thing that I notice is that the songs, for the most part, are fairly generic with a few exceptions. The leadoff track, Spider in my Mouth is the prime example of a generic song, but the next track, Sandpaper, which also features M. Shadows, has a little something extra that makes that song stick out a little bit. It is still a little too melodic for my tastes, but the verse sections are pretty nice.

Blood Happens showcases a different side of the band with almost a gutteral vocal style used in places. Once again, it is a little too melodic in parts, but the song is quite interesting because of its diversity.

Inside my Head is a quasi-power ballad, which has some nice aspects to it. It has a catchy chorus and some nice power to it. The outro solo is pretty nice as well. Another ballad-type track is A Passed life,

The title track, Sin and Bones, has a nice feel to it with some decent groove sounds. This one is nice because it has that classic metal feel with the modern metal techniques.

Shine Forever hearkens back to a time when guitar rock was in style. Such a great main riff to this one. You will be left humming this riff in your head for hours. Guitarists Rich Ward and Billy Grey pulled out one hell of a fantastic riff in this one as they do on many of the track on Sin and Bones.

Dark Passenger is most definitely a nod to the Showtime series Dexter based on the title alone.

Outside of a few akward moments where Jericho tries to hit notes that he is not capable of hitting and some lackluster lyrics, the remainder of the songs are pretty good, but not exceptional standouts. I will say that Sin and Bones is a decent release, so if you are a fan of people who try and keep classic metal alive, you should check it out.

Sin and Bones Track Listing:
1. Spider in My Mouth
2. Sandpaper
3. Blood Happens
4. Inside My Head
5. Sin and Bones
6. A Passed Life
7. She’s My Addiction
8. Shine Forever
9. Dark Passenger
10. Storm the Beaches

Fozzy Line-up:
Chris Jericho – lead vocals
Rich Ward – lead guitar / vocals
Billy Grey – guitar
Paul Di Leo – bass
Frank Fontsere – drums