Metal Review: Ektomorf – Black Flag (2012)

Ektomorf - Black FlagHungary’s groove metal band Ektomorf is back with their latest release Black Flag. Of course, the references to Max Cavalera will always be there simply because the voice and the musical styles are very similar to both Sepultura and Soulfly. The main difference between the projects are that Ektomorf applies more melodic elements of metal than Cavalera’s bands.

True to the groove metal subgenre of metal, Ektomorf’s songs, for the most part, are centered around the riffs. If fans came in at their last release, The Acoustic, which was an acoustic effort, then they will be greatly shocked since this is Ektomorf’s return to form with their heavy, angry songs.

Track after track, you feel the seething hatred coming from Zoltán Farkas‘ vocals and the music is just as angry. Songs like Cut it Out show diversity in their sound shifting speed and tones thoughout, but for the most part, the album is a straight-on bullet coming at you. It just never relents.

Other highlights of the album are Never Surrender, War is my Way and the surprising cover of the Foo Fighters’ track The Pretender.

The cover art was created by Tim Eckhorst, who has painted the portraits of all bands who have headlined the massive Wacken festival in recent years.

EktomorfBlack Flag Track Listing:
01. War is my Way
02. Unscarred
03. The Cross
04. Cut it Out
05. Black Flag
06. Private Hell
07. 12 Angels
08. Enemy
09. Fuck Your God
10. Never Surrender
11. Sick Love
12. Feel Like This
13. Kill It

14. The Pretender (Foo Fighters Cover)

Ektomorf Line-up:
Zoltán Farkas – vocals, guitars
Zsabolcs Murvai – bass
Michael Rank – guitar
Robert Jaksa – drums