Metal Review: Dublin Death Patrol – Death Sentence (2012)

Dublin Death Patrol - Death SentenceNow, this is a supergroup for you. Comprised of thrash legends from bands such as Testament, Exodus and Vio-lence, Dublin Death Patrol is back with their latest effort Death Sentence. Lead vocals are handled by a combination of two of the best voices in metal of all time, Chuck Billy (Testament) and Steve Souza (ex-Exodus). Having been friends for over 30 years, it seemed like only a matter of time before DDP hit the masses. Sometimes, it is just nice to see metal legends out of the comfort zones of their own bands to see how they can express themselves with like-minded peers.

The album has been done for a while now, but since Testament was busy with Dark Roots of Earth (review here), we were forced to wait for Death Sentence. Honestly, with how good Testament’s latest effort was, I had no problem waiting for DDP.

From listening to the album, and even from DDP for Life, you know how well Billy and Souza compliment each other. While their styles vary greatly, the unison of both of these legends just feels (and sounds) right.

From the outset of the album, everything sounds good as you would expect. The tones are nice and they sound like a classic Bay Area thrash band sounded like back in the day. I do have a couple of issues with the album though. At times, it seems like DDP has a tough time figuring out what its identity truly is. A lot of the album sounds like Testament fighting with Exodus to see who is left standing. In a way, that is a good thing because it pushes the boundaries of what this band can do. In another light, you are left wondering if the album was rushed a little even though there was such a length of time since DDP for Life. Something felt a little off on this one.

Like I said, this is just me nitpicking though. Overall, I think that a lot of fans will have a ton of fun with this one. While I feel that it is not nearly as strong as DDP for Life, Death Sentence is not a bad release at all.

Death Sentence Track Listing:
01. Mind Sewn Shut
02. Dehumanize
03. Blood Sirens
04. Broken
05. Welcome To Hell
06. Conquer And Divide
07. Death Toll Rising
08. My Riot
09. Macabre Candor
10. Butcher Baby

Dublin Death Patrol